CDTL Spotlight: On Fostering Responsible and Rigorous Learning with ChatGPT

Jonathan Y. H. SIM
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

We are pleased to feature a video interview with Jonathan Sim, where he shares his ongoing journey of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in his teaching, the challenges encountered along the way, and what educators can do to get their students to meaningfully engage with AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance their learning. 

Sim, J. Y. H. (2023, September 28). On fostering responsible and rigorous learning with ChatGPT. Teaching Connections.


Some of the conversation points in this segment (12 min 28 sec in total) are covered below. You can also refer to the full transcript of our chat with Jonathan.


  • Investigate whether generative AI tools are beneficial to higher education teaching and learning
  • Necessary to understand new technology in order to prepare his students for the future

Part 2: CHALLENGES FACED & HOW HE Addressed Them (1:08)

  • Learning the AI tool (e.g. ChatGPT) and integrating it into his workflow
  • Working with his undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs) to develop learning activities to gain a better understanding of how students use AI tools.

Part 3: on using AI as an empowering educational tool while avoiding its pitfalls (4:32)

  • Teaching students ways that they can use generative AI tools to enhance and support their learning
  • Getting students to understand the purpose and value of the AI-supported learning activity

Part 4: learning activities that enable students to engage ai meaningfully & responsibly (7:16)

  • AI-enhanced learning activities, e.g. students use ChatGPT and other AI tools to evaluate or give feedback
  • AI collaborative learning, e.g. students use AI tools like ChatGPT to engage in role-play learning activities in the classroom.

Part 5: Ai’s IMPACT on learning in the future (9:36)

  • On how educators can be prepared for the rapid pace in which AI tools are being developed and its impact on learning in the future.


Thank you, Jonathan for your insights and generous sharing!

Tune in to our next Teaching Connections Podcast, which will feature a panel of NUS colleagues who have been active in their exploration, use and interrogation of generative AI and AI tools in their respective teaching contexts.


Jonathan Y. H. Sim is Associate Fellow of the NUS Teaching Academy, and Lecturer with the Department of Philosophy, at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he teaches the Philosophy of Computing and Data Analytics and Chinese philosophy to both undergraduates and working professionals. For his passion in sharing the joys of philosophy, and his knowledge of philosophy across a spectrum of applied issues from AI to education, he has been invited to talk about these issues with The Business Times, CNA (Channel NewsAsia), China Global TV Network, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, and TODAY.

Jonathan can be reached at 


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