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Teaching and Learning with Canvas at NUS Posts


Guiding principles to a well-designed Canvas course

The key to using the Canvas learning management system is to provide your students with a conducive learning environment. It acts as the main interface for students with any course. Course sites designed using good practices are simple for students to navigate and easy for instructors to use and maintain.  …

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Formula questions: A versatile evaluation tool for generating differentiated questions

Chng Tat Loon, National University of Singapore. In this post, Chng Tat Loon describes how he uses formula questions in Canvas to randomly assign different numerical values so as to generate differentiated quizzes for his students. Tat Loon is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of…

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Giving quick and meaningful feedback to students 

High quality feedback has a powerful impact on student learning and experience (Gibbs & Simpson 2004, Hattie & Timperley 2007; Nicol & Macfarlane-Dick 2006). Providing students with meaningful instructor feedback in a timely manner will enable students to act on the information and improve their learning. Such feedback will need…

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Marking and grading assignments efficiently in Canvas

Marking and grading assignments are made easier in Canvas with its own marking tool, the Speedgrader. It offers a flexible range of options for marking assignments and giving feedback. For any assignments submitted via the “Online” submission option in Canvas, we recommend that you use the Speedgrader to mark. Here…

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Guidelines for planning assignments in Canvas

Assignments in Canvas can be both graded (e.g., submission assignments, graded discussions, graded quizzes, and graded surveys) and ungraded (e.g., practice quizzes, ungraded surveys, and ungraded assignments). A simple online assignment in canvas includes an assignment name, assignment instruction, score points, and a due date.    Start by creating assignment groups.…

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