We invite you to listen to the Teaching Connections Podcasts, comprising podcast episodes where our faculty colleagues, students, and guest speakers discuss different key issues related to teaching and learning.


How you can listen to our Podcasts

Podcast episodes are shared via a blog post when they are released and you can stream the episode directly. Please refer to the list of episodes below.

You can listen to the podcast on a variety of apps available.  

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Listen to the Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 4:
A Conversation on Effective Online Teaching with Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh (08:08)

Episode 3:
A Conversation on Productive Failure with Professor Manu Kapur (15:41)

Episode 2:
A Conversation on geNiUSworld with NUS Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality) Assoc Prof Erle Lim (18:22)

Episode 1:
A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Education with NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye (11:54)