Annie Dayani Hj AHAD is Deputy Director at the Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L) and Lecturer at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD). She received her Master’s degrees in Applied IT from Monash University, and her PhD in Communication Technology from the University of Queensland. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from UBD. Her current research interests include 4th IR technologies and applications, lifelong education, e-learning, digital business and media, and mobile communications.

Annie can be reached at

Julian AZFAR is an instructor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, where he leads and teaches General Education courses. He has an interest in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary teaching and learning, and is excited about understanding how the perspectives and pedagogies of educators are inherently shaped by their own backgrounds and socio-cultural contexts.

Julian can be reached at

Lavanya BALACHADNRAN is a Lecturer at the College of Alice & Peter Tan. A sociologist by training, Lavanya’s interests in education include community engagement and the informal curriculum in institutes of higher learning, reflexive learning and inequity in education.

Lavanya can be reached at

Manneke BUDIMAN is currently Director of Academic Development and Learning Resources at Universitas Indonesia (UI). Prior to this appointment, he was the Vice-Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs at the Faculty of Humanities UI. He teaches literature and cultural studies in the Literature Department at the Faculty of Humanities UI. 

Manneke can be reached at

Edith S. H. CHAN is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, NUS. She has interests in blended teaching and learning methods, and developments of teaching and learning tools and methods to enhance teaching, learning and assessments. She has previously applied and evaluated the blended teaching and learning methods in a Chemistry module with the financial support granted by the NUS Learning Innovation Fund Technology-Internal Blended Learning Online Courses (LIFT-iBLOC) programme in 2017.

Edith can be reached at

Taizan CHAN is the Director of Research and Education Analytics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He leads a team of data scientists and analysts to provide reporting, analytics, and analytical solutions to senior leaders and other stakeholders at NUS across various domains, including research performance, HR, finance, university endowments, and admissions. He has published papers on technology education, computer science, business and technology, and consulted for several educational and private organizations, including University of Pennsylvania, Caltech, UC Berkeley, Autodesk, and Johnson & Johnson in software development and analytics.

Taizan can be reached at

Sue CHANG-KOH  is a Senior Lecturer at the College of Alice & Peter Tan, where she is also the Director of Community Engagement. She is a strong supporter of field trips, learning outside the classroom, and enjoys engaging with students, community partners and institutions. She is keen to foster a community that learns, engages, and has a lasting impact on its members.

Sue can be reached at

CHEAH Kok Ming is an architect and associate professor at the Department of Architecture (DoA). He engages his students to reframe conundrums as opportunities.  They enjoy co-creating alternative architectural paradigms from examining challenging issues in land scarcity, future-readiness and recently, the pandemic crisis.

Kok Ming can be reached at

CHEW Yuanyuan is a senior laboratory executive at the Department of Biochemistry, NUS. She has more than 10 year of experience in laboratory management and operation in both research and teaching laboratories. She also assists in designing and setting up practical classes for the Life Sciences undergraduates.

Yuanyuan can be reached at

John CHNG is the Head of Student Wellness at the NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Together with a bunch of enthusiastic Student Wellness managers, John and his team members reach out to students who are anxious through phone calls, wellness workshops and campaigns.

John is a trained counsellor and life coach. He enjoys incorporating cognitive-behavioural and other counselling-informed tips in chit-chat sessions with students so that they can live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

John can be reached at

CHONG Yuan Yi is a Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, and the Staff Advisor for the NUS Chemical Sciences Society (CSS). He believes that education is, and should always be, student-centric. He has a strong interest in using student-centred experiential course design, technology-enabled active learning (TEAL), and engaging students as partners (SaP) in teaching and learning to promote student engagement and motivation in learning.

Yuan Yi can be reached at

Jeanette CHOY is Senior Education Specialist at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). Jeanette firmly believes that practice should be informed by evidence, and effective, meaningful learning involves active participation and reflection. Her research work focuses on academic development, student learning processes and instructional strategies to foster meaningful learning outcomes.

Jeanette can be reached at

CHNG Hui Ting is a Lecturer with the Department of Pharmacy, NUS. In class, she is a proponent of active and collaborative learning. Outside of class, she is actively engaged in mentoring student co-curricular activities. Guided by her teaching philosophy of “bringing out the child in you”, Hui Ting aims to rekindle the curiosity and joy of learning amongst students.

Hui Ting can be reached at

Nuri CHOI is a Lecturer at the Centre for Language Studies at NUS. She has coordinated and lectured Korean modules including LAK1201 “Korean 1” and LAK4203 “Korean7”. She is interested in flipped learning and developing curriculum for language classes.

Nuri can be reached at

Rachel CHUNG is an undergraduate pursuing her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is interested in robotics, automation, the Internet of Things and classical music, and has often combined these interests in her own pet projects.

Rachel can be reached at

Misty So-Sum WAI-COOK is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) and Fellow at the College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT). Misty has extensive experience in teaching oral and written communication skills in tertiary education. She is a strong advocate in providing feedback to further promote student learning, and leveraging on technology to enhance students’ learning experience.

Misty can be reached at

FOO Maw Lin is a lecturer from the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science (FoS), and has previously taught chemistry and materials science in the United States, Canada, and Japan. He is passionate about using game-, group-, and problem-based learning to enhance critical thinking in science students.

Maw Lin can be reached at

Fun Man FUNG, PhD, devotes his time to teach learners how to learn through innovative digital technology. He researches on how gamifications and videography techniques improve learning outcomes. He is a recipient of the NUS Annual Digital Education Award (2021), NUS ATEA (2017) and D2L award Innovation in Teaching and Learning (2019) for his passionate effort in fostering technology-enhanced learning.

Fun Man can be reached at

Mark GAN is an Associate Director of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) in NUS. He has been involved in a wide variety of higher educational initiatives and programmes to enhance professional development of staff, such as courses for developing a Teaching Portfolio and writing of teaching inquiry grants. His research interests include feedback and assessment, and the impact of academic development work on teaching and learning. Mark has a PhD in Education from the University of Auckland, supervised by Professor John Hattie.

Mark can be reached at

Happy GOH is a senior lecturer with the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC). She has taught various communication courses designed for different types of learners and purposes, including critical thinking and writing for community and engineering leadership, and oral skills. Her interests include assessment and blended learning.

Happy can be reached at

Charlene GOH is a Research Apprentice at SSHSPH. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Communications and New Media from the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. With a keen interest in health communication and public health, she decided to focus her final year research thesis on social media and mental health. Her other research interests include education and online learning.

Charlene can be reached at

Connor GRAHAM is the Director of Studies and a Senior Lecturer at Tembusu College and a Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute. For the last ten years, his teaching and research have centred on topics related to Science, Technology and Society (STS). Most recently, he has been teaching and researching Internet technologies in Asian societies, in particular the imaginations and narratives these technologies perpetuate, produce, and shape. He has been involved in researching and thinking about the use of information technologies in education on and off since the late 1990’s.

Connor can be reached at

HAN Zhe, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP is a lecturer with the Department of Pharmacy, NUS. She also maintains an active clinical practice as a Principal Clinical Pharmacist at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. As an educator and clinician, she believes in integrating real world scenarios and patient cases into her teaching in the classroom and empowering her students to be active participants in their learning process.

Han Zhe can be reached at

HO Han Kiat, Ph.D., DABT, is currently the Deputy Head (Education) at the Department of Pharmacy, and Vice Dean of Students. In 2009, he started his own research programme, exploring various aspects of liver diseases including the of drug-induced liver toxicity, liver fibrosis and liver cancer. He has published more than 80 papers in internationally recognised journals, won multiple university-level teaching excellence awards, and is an elected fellow of NUS Teaching Academy.

Han Kiat can be reached at

Mays IMAD teaches pathophysiology and biomedical ethics at Pima Community College, and is also the Founding Coordinator of the College’s Teaching & Learning Center. She received her undergraduate training in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and her graduate training in Cellular & Clinical Neurobiology from Wayne State University-School of Medicine. Mays completed a National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Arizona. Mays is a fellow at the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education and as well as the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education (PULSE). Mays’s current research focuses on stress, self-awareness, advocacy, and classroom community, and how these relate to cognition, metacognition, and, ultimately, student learning. Through her teaching and research, she seeks to provide her students with transformative opportunities which are grounded in the aesthetics of learning, truth-seeking, and self-realization.

Mays can be reached at

Norhayati ISMAIL is a senior lecturer at CELC and has taught and designed communication courses for business, computing, engineering, and real estate students. Her research interests include effective course design and meaningful classroom interactions and feedback.

Norhayati can be reached at

Prof Manu KAPUR is Professor and Chair of Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and is leading The Future Learning Initiative at ETH Zurich. He brings his interdisciplinary training in mechanical engineering, statistics, educational technology, and the learning sciences to the study of human cognition and learning. Prof Manu is known for his breakthrough research on Productive Failure and has been awarded visiting professorships at top universities in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Prof Manu Kapur was NUSS Visiting Professor from 8 March to 2 May 2021.

Prof Manu can be reached at You can read more about his work on productive failure at

Eric KERR is a lecturer at Tembusu College and a research fellow in the Science, Technology and Society Cluster at the Asia Research Institute. His teaching and research centres on issues around knowledge, expertise, and technology. He is Associate Editor at Social Epistemology and Editor of the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective.

Eric can be reached at

KUAN Yee Han is a Senior Lecturer at Tembusu College and Assistant Dean of Students at Office of Student Affairs. His research focuses on using authentic learning in higher education and living-learning communities. He teaches modules on negotiation and ageing. Yee Han also facilitates negotiation workshops and trains student coaches to promote out-of-classroom learning. He is a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator.

Yee Han can be reached at

Aileen LAM Wanli is from the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) in NUS and has more than ten years of teaching and corporate training experience in communications and media. She is passionate about the use of technology in education and has developed online and blended courses. She is currently working on a MOOC which will be launched on edX.

Aileen can be reached at

Hong Anh LE is a third-year undergraduate studying Life Sciences and a senior of the Special Programme in Science (SPS, Beyond her academic focus on molecular biology and biophysics, Anh has interests in programming and finding effective learning methods.  on assessment, student living-learning experiences, academic development, and technology-enhanced learning.

Anh can be reached at

Adrian LEE is Deputy Director (Professional Development) at CDTL, as well as a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry. His interests in education are wide-ranging and include technology-enhanced learning, especially blended learning, interdisciplinary education, and student living-learning experiences. In academic development, Adrian looks to build programmes within a collegial culture and furthering conversations that support reflective practice.

Adrian can be reached at

LEE Gek Ling has taught at the chalk face at the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC)  for 30 years but is delighted now to learn how to teach online, proving that humans can outlast robots in deep learning over a longer time period.

Gek Ling can be reached at

KC LEE is Deputy Director (Publications & Outreach) at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL), National University of Singapore (NUS). She has a keen interest in looking at communication touchpoints, critical friends, and significant networks in enhancing teaching and learning conversations.

KC can be reached at

Leslie LEE is a senior lecturer of linguistics in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, where he teaches both large foundational classes as well as advanced seminars in morphology and syntax. He obtained his PhD from the University of California, San Diego, where he discovered his interest in teaching and was mentored by outstanding educators.

Leslie can be reached at

Mia LEE is a historian of Modern Europe at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Her book Utopia and Dissent in West Germany: The Resurgence of the Politics of the Everyday Life in the Long 1960s was published in 2019 as part of the Routledge Series in Modern European History.

Mia can be reached at

LEE Seow Chong is an Instructor at the Department of Biochemistry, NUS. He teaches practical classes to the Life Sciences undergraduates and writing classes to postgraduates. He believes in providing students with a solid foundation in science through understanding and applying the basics of scientific thinking and writing.

Seow Chong can be reached at

Susan LEE is a Lecturer in CELC. She has taught English communication for 20 years at institutions and with adult learners in corporate environment. She is ACTA certified (WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) and passionate in customising learning to engage skill application in contexts for presentation, interpersonal communication and negotiation.

Susan can be reached at

LEE Zheng Wei is a Full-time Teaching Assistant at the Department of Biochemistry, NUS. Previously trained in cancer biology, he now teaches Life Sciences undergraduate’s practical and tutorial classes. He believes that a teacher could enhance the students’ learning by providing proper scaffolding and designing engaging teaching and learning activity.

Zheng Wei can be reached at

LEONG Lai Peng is a senior lecturer in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Lai Peng has used and abused the institution’s previous content management system, the IVLE, since its creation until its ultimate destruction. She has since moved on to discover the good, the bad and the ugly of LumiNUS. During her free time, she enjoys creating disruptive new food products.

Lai Peng can be reached at

LEUNG Wing Sze is a Senior Lecturer in the University Scholars Programme. She has recently been working on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s educational treatise, Emile. One of her favourite teaching and learning quotes comes from Marian Wright Edelman’s The Measure of Our Success: A letter to My Children & Yours, where she writes: “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it” (Edelman, 1992, pp. 9-10).

Wing Sze can be reached at

LEE Li Neng is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science, and a Fellow at the NUS Teaching Academy. He is interested in understanding how education shapes the areas of critical thinking, curiosity and creativity, and how technology can be utilised to provide a more personalised form of education. Li Neng was awarded the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) from 2018-20, and inducted in the ATEA Honour Roll in 2020.

Li Neng can be reached at

LIEW Yong Xuan is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Life Science under the NUS Department of Biological Science. As a resident in KEVII Hall, he served as the Head of the Hall Affairs Board, a committee which plans and runs hall-wide social events. Some of his interests related to biodiversity and environment conservation issues.

Yong Xuan can be reached at 

Elsie LIM is Senior Manager at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). She assists the Director with general administration of the Centre and also coordinates the organising of conferences/symposiums.

Elsie can be reached at

Associate Professor Erle Lim Chuen Hian is Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Read more

Siriwan LIM is a Senior Lecturer at Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies. Siriwan has more than a decade of nursing experiences working in the acute hospitals as a Critical Care Nurse and Infection Control Practitioner. She has received teaching grant and seed funding to conduct research on peer mentoring and patient empowerment studies. Her current research areas of interest include nursing education, patient education and empowerment of patients with chronic diseases. She had received awards for productivity and innovation, and teaching excellence.

Siriwan can be reached at

LIM Siu Chen is a librarian at NUS Libraries. Her interests relate to copyright and information literacy. She has experience providing information literacy instruction as part of the Law Resource and Humanities & Social Sciences Teams. She has an LLB (Hons) from the National University of Singapore and an MSc (Library Science) from Nanyang Technological University.

Siu Chen can be reached at

LIOW Chee Hsiang is currently the Vice-Dean (Education) at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. He had worked for 14 years in the area of global health in Southwest China and the Greater Mekong Region before joining NUS four years ago. He currently teaches global health, programme design and evaluation to undergraduate Medical, undergraduate Public Health Minor and Master of Public Health students.

Chee Hsiang can be reached at

Daron Benjamin LOO teaches academic writing at CELC. His research interests include the examination of professional identity among English teachers and learners, as well as the development of students’ metalanguage for academic communication.

Daron can be reached at

Yvonne LOONG is a Senior Lecturer at The Independent Learning Centre at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She’s also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

Prior to joining CUHK, Yvonne worked at, among others, the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore. She has been involved in teaching research postgraduates topics such as “Thesis Writing”, “Research Methods” and “Vocabulary Teaching and Learning”. Her research interests include English for academic/specific purposes, writer identity, and independent learning.

Yvonne can be reached at

Keith LOW is a second-year undergraduate studying Computer Science at NUS, and is also a resident of RC4. He has interests in aviation, tourism, and languages. He speaks fluent German, and is now learning French. He is also a member of NUS Symphony Orchestra, where he plays the cello.

Keith can be reached at

LOY Hui Chieh is Associate Professor at the NUS Department of Philosophy. His primary interest centers around Early Chinese Philosophy, and most of his previous and current research are done in this field, and in related researches on East Asia (e.g., history of science and technology and contemporary political ideas). Other interests include Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern and Contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy. He is currently on the editorial board for Chinese Comparative Philosophy for the journal Philosophy Compass.

Hui Chieh can be reached at

Jodie LUU is an instructor at the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC). She is passionate about harnessing the power of digital technologies to create an inclusive, interactive and learner-centred classroom. Having taught a flipped module and co-developed online courses for both the NUS community and global learners (edX), she is also interested in research on pedagogy for MOOCs and blended learning.

Jodie can be reached at

Kevin MCGAHAN is a lecturer in the Political Science Department and Global Studies Programme, where he teaches and conducts research on global migration, global governance and the politics of Southeast Asia. He also holds a joint appointment as a faculty fellow at the College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT).

Kevin can be reached at

tulika-mitra Professor Tulika MITRAis Provost’s Chair Professor of Computer Science is Vice Provost (Academic Affairs) and Vice Provost (Academic Affairs) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Tammie MOO is part of the Student Wellness Team under the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). She advocates on the importance of self-care and mental well-being through organising workshops and Wellness Campaigns for the student body. She enjoys interacting with students and learning about their varied experiences. Tammie practices self-care by cooking for her family and friends.

This post was co-written by Tammie and Serena Tan, who was recruited under the SGUnited Traineeship Programme to support efforts in raising awareness on the importance of Wellbeing amongst NUS students. Serena was key in rolling out the Wellness Festival 2020 as well as overseeing the #PitStop Challenge campaign.

Tammie can be reached at

Glen MUN is currently an undergraduate Pharmacy student in NUS and the Vice-Director of Events under the College Students’ Committee in RC4. He is passionate about clinical pharmacy and improving medication safety among patients. Besides his academic interests, he enjoys learning about graphic design and how this skill can be applied in effective communication as well as teaching and education.

Glen can be reached at

Kankana MUKHOPADHYAY is a Lecturer and a Resident Fellow at the College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT). She values co-construction of knowledge, and teaching and doing research in the living-and-learning environment of CAPT for the past 5 years have allowed her to engage students actively in their own learning. Her background is in education and human development and her current research interests are in informal and out-of-classroom learning in higher education.

Kankana can be reached at

Andre MÜLLER is a lecturer at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health (SSHSPH) where he facilitates learning in modules on health promotion. He obtained his PhD at the University of Malaya, Malaysia where he designed a digital exercise intervention for older adults. He also received postdoctoral training in Behavioral Science in the UK and at NUS. As a trained sport scientist, he loves to get students moving during sessions.

Andre can be reached at

Florence NG is a Lecturer at Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) where she teaches modules on social media, branding and sustainability. Her interests in education include Students-as-Partners (SaP), peer assessment, team teaching and interdisciplinary education. She is also a certified LEGO® Serious Play facilitator.

Florence can be reached at

Magdeline NG is a Senior Librarian at NUS Libraries. She is part of the teaching team for the modules ALS1010 “Learning to Learn Better” and ALS1020 “Learning to Choose Better”. She is passionate about her role as a librarian involved in academic collaborations, be it in a research or education capacity.  Some of her interests relate to pedagogical research, innovative teaching methods, educational interventions, and research impact assessment. She received her BSc (Hons) and MSc in Chemistry from NUS and her Ph.D in Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Magdeline can be reached at 

NOOR Hidayu Binte Ahmad is part of the Residential Life team in King Edward VII Hall (KEVII Hall). She finds working with students in events-management, through the challenges therein, rewarding as it creates authentic learning experiences and opportunities for meaningful events. She also oversees outreach and alumni engagement for KEVII Hall.

Hidayu can be reached at 

Nur’ Radhiyanna is a Student Academic Developer at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). She co-creates and conducts online synchronous workshops for NUS faculty members. She also provides administrative support during these programmes. Nur’ Radhiyanna was recruited under the SGUnited Traineeship Programme to support efforts in raising awareness on the importance of Wellbeing amongst NUS students.

Yanna can be reached at

Charina ONG is Senior Educational Technologist at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). Charina’s interests in education include technology-enhanced learning, academic development, and blended learning.

Charina can be reached at

ONG Pei Shi is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Pharmacy. She firmly believes that learning and assessment, when re-imagined with evidence-based approaches and enabled using technology, can help to create a community of learners that are better critical thinkers and problem solvers. Her latest educational endeavour involves the development of an autograder cum peer review system to support students’ learning of pharmacy practice.

Pei Shi can be reached at

Andres PAREDES has worked in the education field both as an instructor and administrator since 1994. He is the co-author of the National EFL curriculum implemented by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education since 2016. He has written and reviewed several EFL textbooks. His seminars and research projects have been presented around the world including at TESOL Conventions.

Andres can be reached at

PARK Mihi is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research interests include computer-assisted language learning programmes, multilingualism, and cognitive development through language learning. As a founding staff member of the Korean language programme at NUS, Mihi has been developing the curricula, materials, and assessments for these courses.

Mihi can be reached at

Nadya Shaznay PATEL, an Assistant Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), previously taught critical thinking and writing, community leadership, engineering leadership and English for academic purposes with the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) at NUS. She also conducted consultancy training for professionals and executives on business communication, effective communication for leaders, communicating your personal brand, and interview, presentation and leadership skills. Her research interests include classroom discourse, conversation analysis, dialogic scaffolding, multimodality in the areas of English in Disciplines and communication studies. Nadya previously contributed a post reflecting on open education resources (OERs).

Nadya can be reached at

Nina Powell is a Senior Lecturer in the NUS Department of Psychology and has been teaching in NUS since 2013. Her research focuses on judgment, certainty and decision-making in children and adults, both in the context of moral decision-making and education. She teaches introductory psychology modules (PL1101E “Introduction to Psychology” and PL3234 “Developmental Psychology”) and upper-level seminar modules on Moral Psychology and Historical Controversies in Psychology. She is also Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology, a member of CAFÉ (Career Advancement for FASS Educators), and the co-founder of MADE in Psych (Mentoring and Demystifying Education in Psychology).

Nina can be reached at

Kiruthika RAGUPATHI is Associate Director at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) and co-leads professional development programmes and oversees the centralised teaching quality instruments at NUS—student feedback and peer review. Her research work focuses on assessment, student living-learning experiences, academic development, and technology-enhanced learning.

Kiruthika can be reached at

Rafi RASHID has been Assistant Director for Programmes and Lecturer at the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering (NGS) since 2016. During his PhD and postdoctoral years, he was fortunate enough to work on interdisciplinary research projects involving multiple collaborations. As a member of the NGS faculty, he teaches modules related to integrative sciences and engineering, research ethics and scientific integrity, and scientific communication. He also pursues research in the area of teaching and learning where one of his current interests involves putting the “Philosophy” back into the “Doctor of Philosophy”. His other passion is using technology to enhance teaching and learning, and he has been progressively implementing blended learning in the courses that he teaches. He has recently embarked on an ambitious project to develop a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the theme of “Microbiomes & Sustainability”. 

Rafi can be reached at

Tanushri ROY is a Senior Lecturer at the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies. Having a medical degree allows Dr Roy to mentor nursing students and allied health students in areas such as anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. She employs a range of pedagogies such as blended learning, problem-based learning, team exercises, proper use of Learning Management Systems and traditional teaching, in her instruction. Her research interests include educational leadership, patient safety and community medicine. She has successfully conducted various healthcare projects  funded by organisations such as the World Bank.

Tanushri can be reached at

Maria Luisa C. SADORRA is a language consultant and independent researcher. Her teaching experience includes 35 years of teaching courses in language and communication [CELC, NUS and De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU-Manila)], reading instruction and research (graduate) at DLSU-Manila, and persona studies at the NUS Residential Colleges

Luisa can be reached at

Jessada SALATHONG is a high-calibre young academic and media practitioner. He is Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Arts and former Assistant to the President for International Affairs at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He has a unique educational background with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Thammasat University, Thailand and degrees from Waseda University, Japan under the Japanese Government Scholarship, an MA in International Relations and a PhD in International Studies.

Jessada can be reached at

Vyna SANI is a Workplace Readiness lecturer at Ridge View Residential College. Vyna believes in utilising whole body learning methods such as games and drama with students

Vyna can be reached at

Nilanjana SAXENAis an Instructional Designer at the School of Continuing & Lifelong Education (SCALE), NUS. She started off as a Chemistry teacher, then self-disrupted this fluffing career, & went to the University of Sydney to learn more about designing research informed learning experiences. She has worked on several innovative, research-informed educational & training delivery solutions in Australia, India & Singapore.

SEAH Zong Long is a graduate student at the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) and Graduate Fellow at King Edward VII Hall. He is also a facilitator for the module DMY1401KE “Art and Science of Photography”. With his background in Physics and keen interest in photography, it is easy to see how the module came about. Zong Long believes that everyone should have a basic appreciation of science to combat ignorance and drive innovation, and the key to dispelling the masses’ aversion is effective scientific communication.

Zong Long can be reached at

SEW Jyh Wee teaches Malay at various levels of proficiency, and supervises two “Design Your Own Modules” (DYOM) on two local dialects at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Jyh Wee can be reached at

Kundala Gayathri SHANKAR is a second-year undergraduate pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree and Entrepreneurship minor, and a senior in the University Town College Programme. As a resident in Residential College 4, she has served as Director of Events on the 6th College Students’ Committee, heading a committee to plan and organise various college-wide events. She is also serving as President of OrcaTech, a student-run cognition pod that organises workshops and seminars on technology and innovation.

Gayathri can be reached at

SHEE Siew Ying is currently a Master’s research student at the NUS Department of Geography, where she also obtained her Bachelor’s degree (Honours). She has tutored several undergraduate geography modules including GES1003 “Changing Landscapes of Singapore” and GE2206 “Geographies of Life and Death”. Her research interests span across a wide range of cultural and identity politics issues, with particular focus on geographies of religion, health and wellbeing. 

Siew Ying can be reached at

Shefaly SHOREY is an Assistant Professor at the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (ALCNS). Her research programme focuses on designing psychosocial and educational interventions for a varied group of the population. She has a keen interest in using blended learning, virtual and augmented reality in nursing education. Her research studies involve national and international collaborations. Dr Shorey has received various awards for her academic and research excellence

Shefaly can be reached at

Jasbir SINGH is a Senior Manager at the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG). He’s passionate about  empowering students with the soft skills that will enable them to thrive in the workplace. He teaches a variety of CFG workplace skills and career preparation workshops and is an instructor for PLS 8001, Cultivating Collaboration and PLS 8004, Optimizing Performance offered by the Department of Psychology in partnership with CFG. He enjoys using a variety of experiential exercises and interactive techniques to make learning personal, feedback-rich, fun and memorable.

Jasbir can be reached at

Usa SKULKEREWATHANA is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Organization at the NUS Business School. She believes in concept application and learning beyond the classroom. Her teaching and learning interests are in human relations, people development and executive coaching. She served as a Resident Advisor for 12 years.

Usa can be reached at

SOO Yuen Jien is a member from the Educator Track in School of Computing. He enjoy teaching varied classes in term of size (from tens of students to hundreds of students) and pedagogy approach (traditional lecture / tutorial, experiential, group based, etc).

Yuen Jien can be reached at

SOW Chorng Haur received a B.Sc. Degree (1st Class) in Physics from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1991. After spending two more years at NUS for research, he received a M.Sc. degree in Physics. He then went on to The University of Chicago and completed his PhD degree in 1998. During the period in 1999-2000, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technologies. He returned and joined the Department of Physics, NUS in 2001. He is now a Professor with the Department of Physics. He has authored and co-authored many papers in the field of nanoscience and nanomaterials.

Chorng Haur can be reached at

Angie TAN is an Instructor and a Fellow at CAPT. She believes in the value of experiential learning and strives to incorporate elements of experiential learning when designing her lessons to create opportunities where students can learn through discovery and exploration.

Angie can be reached at

Benny TAN is Sheridan Fellow at the Faculty of Law. He teaches and researches in criminal justice-related areas, including criminal law, sentencing law, and evidence law. He is particularly keen on helping students learn industry-relevant skills, and in using technology to enhance teaching and assessment.

He is happy to discuss the details of the abovementioned method and can be reached at

Professor Bernard C. Y. TANis Senior Vice Provost (Undergraduate Education) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Read more

Doreen TAN is currently teaching Academic English courses and is keen on investigating student engagement and motivation in the classroom. She is passionate about developing critical thinkers and moulding the next generation of learners inside out.

Doreen can be reached at

Professor TAN Eng Chye was appointed President of the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 1 January 2018. He is the University’s 5th president, and the 23rd leader to head Singapore’s oldest higher education institution. Read more

Hui Ru TAN is currently a graduate student at the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS). She is also the head teaching assistant for the module ALS1010 Learning to Learn Better, which is offered by The NUS Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost and sees an enrolment of more than 300 undergraduate students per academic year.

Hui Ru can be reached at 

Lynette TAN is the Director of Studies, Associate Director of Student Life and Senior Lecturer at Residential College 4 (RC4), NUS. At RC4, her teaching on Systems Thinking explores the philosophies and work of the Systems Pioneers and empowers students to be humane change agents as they navigate global issues that are critical in the 21st Century. She has a strong interest in technology enhanced learning.

Lynette can be reached at

Serena TAN was recruited under the SGUnited Traineeship Programme to support efforts in raising awareness on the importance of Wellbeing amongst NUS students. She was key in rolling out the Wellness Festival 2020 as well as oversee the #PitStop Challenge campaign.

Stephen TAY is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Building and an Adjunct Researcher at the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore. His passion lies in solar photovoltaic (PV) for the built environment, which he teaches in the modules PF3105 “Research Methods”, PF3504 “Energy Management”, and PF4305 “Green Development”. In addition, he is actively involved in outreach activities to educate both local and overseas participants on solar energy and its relevance for us today.

Stephen can be reached at

The Teaching Excellence Council (TEC) at the NUS Business School was set up in 2013 to coordinate initiatives on enhancing teaching quality, and to build a strong culture for teaching excellence. The AY2019-2020 TEC members were Ravi Chandran, Marleen Dieleman, Doreen Kum, Vivien Lim, Liu Qizhang, Susan See Tho, Usa Skulkerewathana, Tambyah Siok Kuan, Ruth Tan, and Yeo Wee Yong.

TENG Woon Chien Cecilia is a lecturer from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. She currently teaches undergraduate public health modules, and is passionate about exploring creative ways to increase student engagement. Most of all, she misses interacting with youths in-person.

Cecilia can be reached at

Jessie TENG is a senior lecturer at the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC). She has taught on courses in academic writing, communication skills and critical thinking. She is interested in pedagogical research and is currently collaborating on a project that investigates the use of questions in dialogic feedback.

Jessie can be reached at

TOH Tai Chong is a Senior Lecturer at the College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT), where he is also the Associate Director of Studies and Academic Director. He believes that learning should be integrated across disciplines and learning activities. Hence, his interests in education include Students-as-Partners (SaP), experiential learning, reflective writing and interdisciplinary education.

Tai Chong can be reached at

Chammika UDALAGAMA is a senior lecturer in the Department of Physics, the Special Programme in Science (SPS) and the Science Communication Team at the Faculty of Science (FoS). Chammika teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses on topics ranging from quantum mechanics, Python programming to ocean dynamics. He is very interested in using technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.  

Chammika can be reached at

Bimlesh WADHWA is a Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean (Student Life) at the School of Computing. She is passionate about teaching and believes in assessment for learning. Her teaching subjects include software engineering, human-computer interaction, and information visualisation. Her research interests cover a wide range of computing education topics, with particular focus on feedback in assessment, and assessment of computational thinking.

Bimlesh can be reached at

Grace WONG is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Real Estate in the School of Design and Environment, NUS. She has taught a wide range of core, elective and GEM modules, and was inducted into the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award: Honour Roll (2011–2015). Besides teaching, she also contributes to curriculum design, development and administration in the Department. Her publications, which focus on her pedagogical initiatives, are featured in Ideas on Teaching, CDTL Brief, CDTLink, as well as in conferences such as the Second Symposium on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference.

Grace can be reached at

Abel YANG is Lecturer at the Department of Physics in National University of Singapore (NUS) where he teaches astrophysics and practical astronomy. He has been involved with blended learning methods since 2016, and currently teaches introductory practical astronomy with an experiential and authentic learning approach within a flipped classroom framework. Abel is a council member of the Institute of Physics, Singapore, and also actively involved in astronomy education and public outreach focusing on the practical relevance of astronomy and scientific literacy.

Abel can be reached at

YANG Zi Yun is currently a Year 2 Computer Engineering student in NUS. As a resident in KEVII Hall, she is the Vice-Head of the CCA, Hall Affairs Board, which plans various hall-wide events to contribute to a warm and fun-filled living environment for residents. Concurrently, as Head of KE Web, she uses IT-related technologies to bring convenience to KEVII residents.

Zi Yun can be reached at

YEONG Foong May is Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore (NUS). She is a cell and molecular biologist and her interest in higher education revolves around collaborative and authentic learning. She is a Fellow of the NUS Teaching Academy, affiliate of the NUS Institute of Applied Learning Sciences and Educational Technology (NUS ALSET) and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

Foong May can be reached at

Farrah Dina YUSOP is the Director of the Universiti Malaya’s Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC), a Centre dedicated to enhancing the professional development of the University’s academic staff. Farrah’s research interests include the design and development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning solutions to improve people’s personal and professional development.

Farrah can be reached at


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