On Adopting Canvas for Teaching and Learning

Department of Accounting,
NUS Business School

We are pleased to feature a video segment with Ms Susan See Tho, a colleague from the NUS Business School, who takes us through her experience of adopting and applying the Canvas platform in her teaching. 

See Tho, S. (2022, November 30). On Adopting Canvas for Teaching and Learning. Teaching Connections. https://blog.nus.edu.sg/teachingconnections/2022/11/30/on-adopting-canvas-for-teaching-and-learning/

Some of the conversation points in this segment (6 min 27 sec in total) include the following:

Part 1: What Specific Features Do You Like About Canvas?

  • Canvas’ Prerequisites (00:14), where educators can set prerequisites for students. It is helpful in that it ensures students have covered course-related prerequisites
  • Canvas Studio (1:11), a portal within Canvas where students can submit videos
  • Project & Sectional Groups (1:30), where each group can have their own project and sectional group homepages, with a dedicated discussion thread with the instructor(s)

Part 2: Advice to Colleagues (4:25)

  • Susan suggests ways in which colleagues can incorporate Canvas in their practice, including starting with the end in mind (for course design on Canvas) and adopting an open mindset in terms of learning a new tool to enhance one’s practice.

Part 3: What Do Students Say About Canvas? (5:43)

  • Susan shares her students’ responses towards using Canvas, including the benefits and challenges they encountered.

For more information about good practices of using Canvas, check out the blog Teaching and Learning with Canvas at NUS.


Susan SEE THO is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accounting, NUS Business School. Her research and teaching interests encompass accounting education, accounting information systems and business controls, and managerial accounting and performance management.

Susan can be reached at bizseet@nus.edu.sg.


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