In celebration of the 10th year of the University Town Writing Programme (UTWP)

The I&E Webinar Series is a platform to discuss and share with the members of the I&E teaching team our thoughts and reflections on teaching scholarly writing in the University Town Writing Programme.  The UTWP celebrates its 10th year in AY2020-21 and it is but fitting for us to take stock and talk about (1) our module content and how it has shaped particular ways of writing and thinking among our students; (2) our pedagogies that are ‘signature’ to ‘content-specific, rhetorically intensive’ modules; and/or (3) how we create impact beyond teaching our I&E modules.


August 19 2020: Teaching Ethics in the Time of a Pandemic: How Criticality is fostered in Ideas and Exposition – Dr. Victor Cole

Access Passcode: I&EWeb2020


September 16 2020: Boldly Going: Anxiety, Language and Design in the Ideas and Exposition Programme – Dr. Jason Lawrence Banta

Access Passcode: I&EWebinar2


October 14 2020: What’s in a Publishable Paper? Collaborative Writing with Students on Semantics – Dr. Wong Jock Onn

Access Passcode: IEM@web3


November 11 2020: Writing for SOTL: Lessons from Sport and Socialization – Dr. Mark Brooke

Access Passcode: IEMwebinar@4


January 20 2021: Thinking through Disruptions: Pedagogical Encounters and Course Design in Ideas and Exposition – Dr. Anuradha Ramanujan

Access Passcode: iewebinar@5


March 3 2021: Learning from Monsters – Ms. Coleen Angove

Access Passcode: iewebinar@6


April 21 2021: Examining Language and Cognition in CLIL Discourse – Dr. Anne McCabe

Access Passcode: i&ewebinar7



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