Too Close for Comfort? A Study of the Perceived Overlap Between FAS1101 (Writing Academically: Arts and Social Sciences) and ES1103 (English for Academic Purposes)

by Lee Ming Cherk and Zhou Ziqian Jan Abstract There exists a perception, often grudgingly expressed, that the module English for Academic Purposes (‘ES1103’) is needlessly similar to Writing Academically: Arts and Social Sciences (‘FAS1101’). This working paper offers a comparison of the two modules; it aims to argue that there is little merit to […]

Book Review: Science Communication: Making Science Engaging

A Book Review By Derek Wong – Title: Science Communication: Making Science Engaging Authors: Sirinut Sawatdeenarunat & Tang Kum Khuan Publisher: Oxford Publishing Science is inside the laboratory as much as outside. Taking science outside requires specialized communication skills, which is exactly what Science Communication – Making Science Engaging aims to teach. Taking on a […]