Second Language Teacher Contributions to Student Classroom Participation: A Narrative Study of Indonesian Learners

by Nugrahenny T. Zacharias Satya Wacana Christian University (Central Java, Indonesia) Keywords:      classroom participation, Asian student silent behavior, passivity, teacher talk, reticence   Abstract One major factor determining student classroom participation is the classroom teachers because they are the ones who control the turn-taking in the classroom. Despite the significant role of classroom teachers, […]

Making Lit a Hit: Using the BRAIN when Teaching Literature in an ESL or EFL Context

by John Daryl B. Wyson University of the Philippines Diliman (Manila, Philippines)   Abstract The Traditional Literary-Critical Method (TLCM) of literature teaching involves rote memorization of interpretations by literary critics and facts about the texts at hand (Afsar, 2011). Such a pedagogical approach can be disempowering since it does not help students develop their reading […]

Get the Picture: Teaching with Multimodal Texts

by Philip McConnell English Language Institute of Singapore (Singapore) Keywords:      visual literacy, teaching writing, oracy, literature   Abstract Our students encounter many texts in their daily lives which combine linguistic, auditory and visual methods of representation. These rich, multimodal texts provide authentic and engaging materials to explore how meaning is created and to help […]