Active and Data-Driven Learning: Approaches for Responsive Teaching

by Daron Benjamin Loo   Broad Context  Active learning, according to Bonwell and Eison (1991), is a process that “involves students in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing.” (p. 2). Active learning in higher education is a research interest for scholars in the area of SoTL. Active learning may be encouraged […]

Peer reviewing: “It’s not about you; it’s about me.”

by Anuradha Ramanujan & Coleen Angove   A rather indiscreet Facebook message from a while ago sowed the seed of this investigation into effective peer reviewing. A student taking an Ideas and Exposition module (IEM) bemoaned his frustration at a recent peer review experience, expressing dismissiveness at his peer reviewer’s “obtuseness,” and called peer review a […]