Communicating science research through the Final Year Project: Teaching towards a transformative awareness

by Wu Siew Mei and Lee Kooi Cheng Centre for English Language Communication   PR4196 was launched in semester 1 of AY2017/ 2018 in collaboration with the Pharmacy Department (PD). The initiative was mooted by the PD and from its conceptualisation, the PD has been working very tightly with CELC. The structure is such that […]

Asking Critical Questions:  The Facilitator as an Organizer and an Evaluator

by Gene Segarra Navera   One of the challenges of discussing scholarly content especially with and among students from various disciplines and with a variety of learning profiles (Riding and Rayner 1998) is how to sustain their interest while keeping them motivated to engage deeply and thoughtfully with the learning materials. In other words, how do […]