Giving Learners a Voice in Correction and Feedback

by Peter Watkins University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, UK) Keywords: agency, correction, feedback, learner autonomy   Abstract This paper reports on one attempt to give learners a greater degree of control of the correction and feedback they receive on their own language production. It begins by establishing the usefulness of correction but argues that a broader […]

Insertions, Interruptions: Strategies in Challenging Stereotypes in the Classroom

by T. Ruanni F. Tupas National University of Singapore (Singapore) Keywords: communication skills, culture, diversity   Abstract This paper proposes practical ways to confront stereotypes in the English language classroom. While the current trend in English language teaching is to recognize the central role of culture in the classroom, the dangers of doing so are […]

Encouraging Proofreading and Revision 

by Hayo Reinders  Middlesex University (London, UK)  Keywords: independent learning, learner autonomy, proofreading, teaching writing    Abstract Recent years have seen a lot of interest in learner autonomy. Although many teachers can see the value of encouraging in learners more awareness of the learning process and the ability to make decisions about their learning without […]