Exploring the Issue of Exclusion through Reading English Picture Storybooks

by Hsiang-Ni Lee National Taitung University (Taitung, Taiwan) Keywords:      adult literacy, EFL, exclusion, literature-based instruction, picture books   Abstract This paper describes a four-phase inquiry project which applied essential elements of literature-based instruction. The research results have shown that through utilization of theme-based illustrated storybooks and interactive literacy activities, participating young adult learners not […]

Varying Classroom Input to Cater for Different Learning Styles: A Case Study

by Gareth Morgan King Faisal Academy (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Keywords: Academic writing, Humanism, interpersonal learners, kinaesthetic learners, learner styles, left brain learners, Multiple Intelligences, right brain learners, syllabus design, Total Physical Response   Abstract The paper’s focus is the preferred means of learning of students on an academic writing course at the National University of […]