Empirical and Attitudinal Effects of Bottom-up Listening Activities in the L2 Classroom

by Joseph Siegel J. F. Oberlin University (Tokyo, Japan) and Aki Siegel Rikkyo University (Tokyo, Japan) Keywords: second language acquisition, listening pedagogy, listening classroom activities, bottom-up processing   Abstract Second language listening pedagogy has generally favored the development of top-down processing and suppressed the importance of bottom-up abilities such as phonetic perception and word segmentation. […]

Philip McConnell: A Singapore Master Teacher Speaks Up

by Peggie Chan National University of Singapore (Singapore)   Beginnings Philip McConnell graduated from the University of Sussex in 1972, and after his post-grad year in Liverpool, started teaching in 1973 at Rock Ferry High School, a comprehensive school for 11 to 18-year-olds in Merseyside, England.  His classes included students of all ages and abilities, […]