Arts Camp 2015

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320 freshmen attended the highly-anticipated faculty-wide event in FASS for incoming freshmen – the Arts Camp 2015, which was held from 22 to 25 June 2015.

The annual camp returned this year with the theme “Avatar: the Last Airbender”, which tells the tale of four nations that oversee four different elements. These four nations are very much similar to the House System incorporated into Arts Camp every year; each named by the letters A, R, T and S.

The unification of these four nations and the peaceful co-existence among them is also analogous to the Faculty; FASS is made up of various departments and smaller communities connected by the One-ARTS spirit.

The theme will also be echoed in other Freshmen Orientation Programmes such as the O’Week and Arts Flag. It is the first time in FASS history that all the orientation programmes will be held as one full, unifying experience – creating a uniform storyline throughout.

This unique integration of programmes is called Project OneARTS 2015. The programmes that fall under the umbrella include Arts Camp, O’Week, Rag & Flag and Arts Bash.

The camp was a great opportunity to foster new ties amidst friendly rivalry among the four houses. Participants bonded over mainstay events such as “Beach Day”, “Wet & Dirty Games” as well as “War Games”; much loved by alumni who came down specially to participate in the activities again.

Eventually, the R House won the ‘Best House’ title. The participants showed great enthusiasm throughout the fun-packed five days. It was a true showcase of the One-ARTS spirit that FASS embodies.

Indeed, the participants had started their journey in FASS with a bang.

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To find out more about the other series of the Freshmen Orientation Programme (i.e. O’Week, ARTS Rag & Flag and ARTS Bash), click here.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Boon Pin Lim, Boon Pin Lim, Max Chan Weng Kin, Boon Pin Lim, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Wong Zhi Wei, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Shaun Tay, Wong Zhi Wei, Wong Zhi Wei

A Clarion Call to Women Scientists to Share their Stories

Asian Scientist Magazine

Dr. Debalina Dutta, visiting fellow at the Department of Communications and New Media will be studying the role of gender in Science – specifically women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

She noted that women in these sectors are often underrepresented and hopes to change that by highlighting more success stories of women scientists.

Dr Dutta also intends to study the motivations behind their career choice as well as their communication and negotiation styles in the working environment.

To date, she has already interviewed 30 women. However, she hopes that more women scientists or engineers will come forward to share their stories.

Click here to read the full article.

Study Master of Arts Degree Program in Demography with Chulalongkorn University’s College of Population Studies

Applications in Master of Arts Degree program in Demography at Chulalongkorn University’s College of Population Studies (CPS) are now open!

CPS is also offering two full scholarships for students from ASEAN countries.

The program is designed to reinforce graduates’ knowledge and skills of population studies so that their experience can be put into practice in order to improve population-related situations.

Admission Procedure

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit the following items by 10 July 2015:

  • Completed application form
  • Official transcript of academic records (to be issued by applicant’s present institute)
  • An English proficiency score record (for non-native English speakers)
  • A copy of passport
  • A recent 1-inch-coloured photo (with a blue background) taken no more than six months prior to application. Applicant must be in polite attire or a civil servant’s uniform. Photo must be attached to the application form.

Please refer to the following links to find out more about the program:

For enquiries, please contact:

Miss Nantawan Wattanamongkolsuk
International Affair Officer, CPS Academic Administrator
College of Population Studies
Tel: (662) 218-7341
Fax: (662) 255-1469

Comparative Asian Studies PhD Programme Welcomes Inaugural Batch of Students in August 2014 and Launches New Website

CAS Students 2014

The comparative Asian Studies (CAS) PhD Programme welcomed its first batch of students in Semester 1 of Academic Year 2014/2015. The cohort consists of students from East, South and Southeast Asia who come to FASS with an interest in pursuing research topics that are situated in at least two area-studies regions/cultural zones. CAS students benefit from specially tailored modules (open to all FASS graduate students), language training, and the opportunity to work with members of FASS’s robust Asian Studies community. The programme also launched a new website in December 2014. The revamped website features programme information and profiles of students and participating FASS faculty members.

Beyond Experiential Training

clinical pscy 1clinic psych 2(From L-R)

Ms Mavis Seow Yee Ling
Senior Clinical Psychologist, IMH;
M.Psych (Clinical), NUS-UM, 2011

Ms Teresa Moh Ailing
Clinical Psychologist, Changi General Hospital;
M.Psych (Clinical), NUS-UM, 2011

Ms Darshini Nithianantham
Clinical Psychologist, IMH;
M.Psych (Clinical), NUS-UM, 2011

Mr Phil Leung Wai Shun
Training Consultant, HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at the University of Hong Kong
M.Psych (Clinical), NUS-UM, 2011

“A unique and challenging programme that has provided valuable experiential training and shaped our understanding of clinical psychologists. We learned lifelong lessons, and discovered our own capacities for endurance. It has been an unforgettable experience.”

New Research Possibilities with Department of Psychology

Photo - Nicolas Escoffier

“The Department of Psychology offered an ideal environment, that has been instrumental in my academic development during the course of my PhD studies. The diversity of the research conducted in the department exposed me to a broad range of approaches, that have been sources of inspiration. The quality of the courses offered, notably in methodology, have given me decisive skills, that have opened new research paths both during my studies and afterward.”

Dr Nicolas Rene Escoffier
(PhD, NUS, 2013)
Post-doctoral Research Associate,
Asia Research Institute, NUS

Conducive Learning Environment for Intellectual Growth

Photo - Bernice Khoo


“The PhD (by Research) programme offered by the NUS Department of Psychology gave me the opportunity to further my interest in Social Pscyhology, develop my ideas and grow intellectually as a researcher. I was privileged to have had the chance to interact with many other researches both locally and internationally during the course of my study. Apart from the conducive learning environment at NUS, I am especially grateful for the support from my supervisor, other faculty members and the teaching and administrative staff from the Psychology Department. They were integral in making my journey truly enriching and enjoyable.”

Dr Khoo Lin Zhi Bernice
(PhD, NUS, 2012)
Senior Member of Technical Staff, Defence,
Medical and Environmental Research Institute
(DMERI), DSO National Laboratories

Passion for the Asian Market



“While at NUS, my advisors encouraged me to develop interests in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and combine them with my passion on Chinese political economy and investment. After completing my MA in NUS, I went into the private sector and am now working with Nielsen, the market research firm, within their consumer neuroscience wing – Nielsen Neuro. I am a consultant and business developer and my area of focus is on the Malaysian market.”

Mr Charles Sumner Winship
(MA, NUS, 2013)
Consultant and Business Developer, Nielsen Neuro

Applying Skills in the Real World


“The Masters in Applied Economics programme has allowed me to expand my knowledge on various economic disciplines and to think critically on how to analyse real world issues using economics. More importantly, I have benefited greatly from the research experiences and guidance of my professors, stimulating discussions with my classmates as we scramble to complete our projects, and illuminating department seminars attended. I am excited to apply the economic tools that I’ve learnt in my future work.”

Ms Stephanie Mak Wei-Yi
M.Soc.Sci (Applied Economics)
Department of Economics, NUS, 2014