Arts Camp 2015

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320 freshmen attended the highly-anticipated faculty-wide event in FASS for incoming freshmen – the Arts Camp 2015, which was held from 22 to 25 June 2015.

The annual camp returned this year with the theme “Avatar: the Last Airbender”, which tells the tale of four nations that oversee four different elements. These four nations are very much similar to the House System incorporated into Arts Camp every year; each named by the letters A, R, T and S.

The unification of these four nations and the peaceful co-existence among them is also analogous to the Faculty; FASS is made up of various departments and smaller communities connected by the One-ARTS spirit.

The theme will also be echoed in other Freshmen Orientation Programmes such as the O’Week and Arts Flag. It is the first time in FASS history that all the orientation programmes will be held as one full, unifying experience – creating a uniform storyline throughout.

This unique integration of programmes is called Project OneARTS 2015. The programmes that fall under the umbrella include Arts Camp, O’Week, Rag & Flag and Arts Bash.

The camp was a great opportunity to foster new ties amidst friendly rivalry among the four houses. Participants bonded over mainstay events such as “Beach Day”, “Wet & Dirty Games” as well as “War Games”; much loved by alumni who came down specially to participate in the activities again.

Eventually, the R House won the ‘Best House’ title. The participants showed great enthusiasm throughout the fun-packed five days. It was a true showcase of the One-ARTS spirit that FASS embodies.

Indeed, the participants had started their journey in FASS with a bang.

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To find out more about the other series of the Freshmen Orientation Programme (i.e. O’Week, ARTS Rag & Flag and ARTS Bash), click here.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Boon Pin Lim, Boon Pin Lim, Max Chan Weng Kin, Boon Pin Lim, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Wong Zhi Wei, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Max Chan Weng Kin, Shaun Tay, Wong Zhi Wei, Wong Zhi Wei

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