Celebrating Excellence

FASS_Award_019At the recently concluded FASS Awards Ceremony, recipients of 139 medals and book prizes and 164 students on the Dean’s List were recognized for their academic accomplishments. The event held at LT 8 on 20 August 2010 is an annual event and celebrates the excellent work done by the students in the academic year.


The night started with the Dean, Prof Brenda Yeoh, congratulating the recipients of the FASS_Awardawards in her opening speech. Heads and representatives of the departments then went onstage to present the medals and prizes to FASS_Award_081the exceptional students from their departments.


To end off the starry night, members of the Deanery, academic staff, donors, recipients and guests were serenaded by Paulin’s Kids, a musical group made up of students from the faculty.


Congratulations to all the students who received the awards!


Recruitment of English Language Relief Teachers

The Department of English Language and Literature in NUS High School would like to recruit English Language Relief teachers to current undergraduates and postgraduates of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The position will be suitable for students who are keen in trying out teaching. The job description is as follows:

 Job Description

  • Teach 6 to 9 hours of year 3 (mainly 15 year olds) English classes (about 20 students/class)
  • Assist in the assessment grading for the classes
  • Resource management grading for the level
  • Assist in ad-hoc relief teaching
  • About 4 days a week (usually in the mornings), from 13 September to 12 November 2010


For any enquiries, please contact Ms Bay Wee Wen at 6516 1774 or email her at nhsbww@nus.edu.sg.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Research Grant (year round application)

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is an independent Council that the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports appointed in August 2005 as part of Singapore’s national framework to address problem gambling.  The grant call is aimed at encouraging local research on problem gambling issues. The call is extended to all undergraduate (Honours/equivalent) and graduate students who choose to undertake research in this area.

Interested students are required to submit their application with their supervisors’ endorsement to the NCPG Research Sub-committee, c/o secretariat. Successful applicants will be notified within 2 months of receipt of their application.

Please refer to the NCPG website for application forms and details.

WANTED: Adventurers and guides

Learning from life stories

Our life past is a rich world with mountains, ravines and valleys many of which have yet to be fully explored and appreciated. Through writing our life stories, we mine the gems of our past and come to a better understanding of who we are and who we can be. Journey with like-minded adventurers and guides in this self-exploration

Starting soon in September 2010 – only a few vacancies left!!
Interested participants please call 6516 2376 or email: munritan@nus.edu.sg
 – 6 weeks: Wednesdays 11 am – 1 pm
Venue – Counselling and Psychological Services, Level 2 University Health Centre, 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road

FASS Creativity & Hardwork Shines at NUSSU Rag & Flag

By NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club


Compared to our thriving camp culture, the NUSSU Rag & Flag had taken a back seat in recent years in terms of importance and reach. The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) event was, in our eyes, ideal for reviving and promoting the faculty identity. The Rag organizing committee knew that it was a make or break year, as such, we started collecting materials very early on in the year.

We originally planned to do a Moulin Rouge theme, which is similar to previous themes that the Arts Club had done, where we presented a simple story; star crossed lovers meeting and falling in love, only to be torn apart by a jealous suitor. The hero would eventually defeat this villain and rescue his lady fair. However, we decided that it was too clichéd and went with the intention of entertaining the spectators instead.

We thought it through and decided on the circus theme. Our main float was eventually modelled after Komali, the oldest elephant in the Singapore Zoo. We also produced an ornamental cannon, that we named Oscar, as well as a cage to complement Komali. The dancers were split into three groups, namely the clowns, the acrobats and the animals, with each segment headed by a ringmaster.

The amount of Yakult bottles, aluminium drink cans and other assorted materials started building up steadily as Rag season approached. The plans from both of our design heads, Woon Kai for “hard tech”and Jia Li for “soft tech”, became more comprehensive with each passing day. We all swung into action the moment our final examination ended in early May.

There was work done on all fronts. Woon Kai and his team were finalizing the calculations of how each part of the metal 40393_10150244216865080_630200079_14108418_5252160_nframe, that was to become our Elephant, would come together. Jia Li was on her drawing board daily, churning out new ideas inspired by all the raw materials scrounged from our various “karang guni” runs. Rachel and Red were busy gathering dancers and choreographing moves that would be in sync with how our float would turn out to be. The buzz was accumulating steadily as seniors started returning to chip in, either financially or in the float building effort. Freshmen also started streaming in with their groups of friends right after Arts Camp. We never looked back after that.

On 6th August 2010, we brought the win back to Arts in a sea of Arts students dressed in our faculty green.


After Rag & Flag 2010 had become but a memory, Professor Brenda Yeoh and Professor T C Chang kindly consented to our request to preserve Oscar within FASS as a mini monument for remembrance. Look out for Oscar on campus!

Highlights of the Performance at NUSSU Rag & Flag 2010!

Home Team Research Award 2010

The Ministry of Home Affairs will be holding the 2010 run of the Home Team Research Award Programme and would like to invite students from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to undertake research on topics related to the Home Team. This year, due to the overwhelming response by post-graduates, they have decided to open the programme to post-grads as well. 

The Home Team consists of various agencies including the Singapore Police Force (SPF), Prison Service, Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) etc and they hope to be able to engage local university students to do research pertaining to Home Team’s core work domain areas. This grant will help subsidise students’ expenditure (i.e. transport allowance, material costs) in the course of their research, with the max amount awarded capped at $2500*, on a reimbursement basis. Please do note that only 8 projects will be awarded the grant; 4 for undergrads, 4 for post grads and the amount granted will be capped at $1500 for undergrads and $2500 for post-grads, on a reimbursement basis. 

Applicants are welcome to propose new topics which have to be related to the Home Team’s core work domain areas as mentioned here. Please kindly note that the application form and supporting documents are due by the 16th of October 2010 and to please attention the documents to Ms Debbie Loh. She can be contacted at 64787025 or email to: debbie_loh@mha.gov.sg