Ageing well with help from the young and Support and empower seniors even as they grow older

The Straits Times

Assoc Prof Corinne Ghoh, co-director of Next Age Institute (NAI), was featured in two articles on successful ageing.

In the first article, it was mentioned that NAI’s pilot study on care pathways has taken off and its interim report of findings is expected to be out end of next year.

Assoc Prof Corinne Ghoh shares that the study will provide insights into care arrangements for older people as they transit from hospital to community or home care.

In the second article, she discussed the challenges in terms of support for the elderly as they age.

The challenge essentially lies in adopting an eldercare approach that will empower the elderly so that they will be able to continue to age in a familial environment without losing their sense of autonomy and self-esteem.

Click here and here to read the first and second article respectively.

OCBC — NUS Evening Series @FASS

OCBC Evening Series


FRANK by OCBC is organising a series of talks on 8, 15 and 22 October, 7:00 pm, at AS7-01-17 Seminar Room B.  Event registration begins at 6:30pm. There will be dinner and an opportunity to meet OCBC executives after the talk.  Click on the respective hyperlinks below to sign up.

8 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: Mind your own money — Financial Literacy Talk

Are you too young for investments and insurance? If you are clueless about your financial journey, let Mr Vasu Menon (Vice President, Wealth Management, OCBC Bank) let you in on some financial tips and tricks.

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15 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: You are the CEO of your career — Career Management Talk

Come to our FRANK talk to learn how to plan and manage your career from a veteran Human Resource specialist as you approach your graduation and next stage of life.

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22 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: All that glitters is not just Gold – Careers@OCBC Recruitment talk

One tends to associate a successful and glittering career with attractive monetary rewards. Let our 2 speakers, who have built their careers in the financial industry, debunk this myth by sharing their exciting journeys with OCBC and how you may also build your own pot of gold.

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FASS Fosters Closer Connections between Students, Staff, Deanery, and Alumni

With the goal of building meaningful ties between students, staff and deanery members, as well as alumni, FASS’s External Relations and Student Life (ERSL) division recently invented the FASS Ensemble, FASS Joggers, and the FASS Care and Connect Series.

FASS Ensemble made its debut appearance at the FASS Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on 29 August 2015. Dr. Lam Lap (Associate Professor of Chinese Studies; violinist), Miss Jasmine Lee (Economics undergraduate student; violist), and Miss Wang Yushi (Psychology undergraduate student; pianist) performed a Trio titled Variations No. 4 by N. Baklanova, while Mr. Huang Junjie (Alumnus) and Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder) performed a four-hands piano work titled Spanish Dances Op. 12 No. 5 (Bolero) by M. Moszkowski.

FASS Ensemble before its performances

FASS Joggers – Fasster Than You Imagine, led by its core team comprising of Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder), Dr. Donna Brunero (Senior Lecturer of History), Mr. Hong Li Wee (Geography Undergraduate Student), Mr. Seah Eng Chye (Economics Alumnus), and Ms. Heng Yu Tse (Psychology Alumnus), embarked on their first pilot jog of 4.25 km around campus on 31 August 2015.

FASS Joggers at its first jog

The first FASS Care and Connect session was held on 16 September 2015, during which Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder), Dr. Shirlena Huang (Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Geography), Mr. Chu Yiu Tak (Psychology Alumnus and currently Captain of SCDF), FASS administration leaders, and students from nine different Departments discussed “Life After Graduation” over tea.

FASS Care and Connect session

We look forward to more of such excellent, exciting ventures by the ERSL division.

Dr. Stephen Lim wins Appreciation Award at NUS Sports Awards 2015

Dr. Stephen Lim, NUS Sports Awards 2015 Awardee
Dr. Stephen Lim, NUS Sports Awards 2015 Awardee

The NUS Sports Awards 2015 Ceremony was held at the University Town on 25 September 2015, graced by NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost Professor Tan Eng Chye.

We congratulate our Assistant Dean, Dr. Stephen Lim, for being one of only two recipients of the 2015 Supportive Staff Award. In addition to meeting and guiding FASS Sports Scholars regularly, Dr. Lim inspires and empowers student athletes beyond his classroom and research lab.

Dr. Lim comments: “In my view, holistic educational experiences are important. My wish is for FASS and NUS students to excel not just academically and in student-led research, but also in such areas as sports, the performing arts, and community work. I particularly wish, on this occasion, that many more deserving students will come to benefit from the NUS Sports Scholarships and Grants. I look forward to continually contributing towards NUS’s educational landscape in as many diverse ways as are within my capacities.”

Congratulations again, Dr. Lim.

Research on top of studies, interest in publications and Special seminar at Canada – Tamil Representative

Tamil Murasu

Prof Vineeta Sinha, Head of the South Asian Studies Programme, was featured in Sunday’s edition of Tamil Murasu. The article highlights her passion in contributing to society through her expertise in the Tamil language and culture as well as the initiatives undertaken to boost students’ interest in Tamil Studies. She hopes to instill the values of Tamil tradition in them.

Wither the Opposition: A Sisyphean Future?


In an article contribution by Dr Hussin Mutalib, Department of Political Science, he opined that the opposition parties can remain as a relevant fixture in Singapore’s political landscape in some years to come despite PAP’s landslide win in the recent General Election.

He added that the Workers’ Party, and to a certain extent the Singapore Democratic Party, could reinvent themselves by offering alternative but feasible ideologies and party platforms, continuing to recruit successful individuals with qualified credentials, and adopting centre-left politics to match the PAP’s recent bent.

To read the full article, click here.

Invitation to “HR Perspectives”

Take a glimpse into the “behind-the-scenes” process of job applications and understand from HR’s perspectives on what makes or breaks an application.

How can I as a FASS graduate, with a general degree stand out and differentiate myself from the rest of the applicants?

What do recruiters REALLY look out for in my Resume or Cover Letter?

Which is more important, grades, work experience or CCAs?

You are invited to join us for the 2nd instalment of the recruitment discussion forum to meet with HR representatives to tackle the questions you have about the recruitment process!

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HR Perspectives