FASS Career Preparation Workshop: Resume Writing & Interview Skills
















FASS Career Preparation Workshop: Resume Writing & Interview Skills

Choose only ONE of the sessions:

1) Thursday, 11 May 2017, 2pm to 4pm

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/fass-resume11may


2) Friday, 12 May 2017, 10am to 12pm

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/fass-resume12may

          Venue: YIH, Level 1, Training Rooms 1 & 2

Limited spaces available!

* Please bring along your resume to the workshop to maximize your learning experience. You may refer to page 31 of the NUS Career Guidebook for a sample resume template.

Please note that attending this workshop is a prerequisite for FASS students who intend to embark on internships with credit.




Internship: NUS Museum Internship Programme (May – Aug 2017)

It’s time to start working on those application forms and resumes!
Positions for the NUS Museum Internship Programme are now open for application. There are eight positions available this summer, ranging from curatorial positions in Chinese art and history, programming and editorial, to outreach positions at the NUS Museum and the NUS Baba House.
To find out more about the available positions and download the application form: https://nus.edu/2lGap7R
And if you still need more convincing, check out the various diary entries of our former interns: http://bit.ly/2mpP9jy

Career Catalyst: Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Workshop

This workshop is especially conducted for Cohort 2015 students (students who entered NUS/FASS in AY2015/16), who have completed CFG1010/CFG1020 Roots & Wings. Yours is an early version of Roots & Wings which does not include a career preparation component. This component is included in later versions of CFG1010/CFG1020. For Cohort 2015 students, this is a pre-requisite for FAS2551 and FAS2552. Student who have completed RVR’s WR1401 are waived from this pre-requisite.

All FASS students may sign-up for this workshop. Cohort 2015 students have priority placement.

Internship for FASS Student at National Library Board

    1. Institution/Faculty: NUS/FASS
    2. Internship Period: AY2017/18 Semester 1 (7th Aug-9th Dec 2017)
    3. Number of Interns Required: 1
    4. Work Location: Oral History Centre (OHC), National Archives of Singapore, 1 Canning Rise S(179868)
    5. Working Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8.30am-6pm. Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm
    6. Project Scope: OHC Projects on Chinese-dominated Business and Banking & Finance
      1. Conduct at least 90 hours of recording with potential interviewees on Chinese-dominated Businesses and Banking & Finance
      2. Write synopses on the interviews conducted and other documentation work
      3. Review OHC’s current Chinese-dominated Businesses and Banking & Finance through research and suggest areas for future expansion
      4. Deposit the interviews collected with OHC as part of the nation’s posterity
      5. Write synopses for OHC’s external collection
      6. Edit transcripts
  • Pre-requisites:
    1. Effectively bilingual, good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
    2. Basic research skills – both primary and secondary
    3. Strong communication skills – verbal, non-verbal and written
    4. Integrity – Ability to handle confidential information
    5. Resourcefulness – Ability to find ways to gather information and overcome challenges
    6. Genuine interest in meeting with and listening to life stories of individuals

Monthly Allowance: $1000

Send application to: Sophia XIONG Assistant Manager | Talent Acquisition & OD People Management & Development National Library Board. Email: Sophia_XIONG@nlb.gov.sg

ArtsConnect – Careers & Networking Event on 5 October 2016

5 October 2016
University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore

by Yang Yilin, Year 2, Yale-NUS College

artsconnect-edm-as-of-20-sepOn 5 October 2016, NUS held the inaugural ArtsConnect – Careers & Networking Event at the University Cultural Centre. The event was jointly organized by the Centre for Future-ready Graduates, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Yale-NUS College, NUS Centre For the Arts, supported by the Office of Alumni Relations and was targeted at students interested in pursuing careers in the local Arts and Culture scene. Unlike the plenitude of networking events available that are geared towards the fields of business consulting and entrepreneurship, ArtsConnect provided an unparalleled platform to connect undergraduates with the elusive and commonly misperceived Arts and Culture scene in Singapore.

Given the full house turnout for the event, it was evident that there is a high level of curiosity and concern with regards to post-graduation career prospects. The event kicked off with a comprehensive keynote address by Ms. Yvonne Tham, Assistant CEO from The Esplanade. As a veteran in the local Arts and Culture scene, she shared with us her valuable experience of working in both public and private organizations in the sector. In her keynote address, Ms. Yvonne Lim highlighted the ample and often overlooked opportunities available for graduates in the booming Singapore’s Arts and Culture sector in recent years. It is no longer a niche that attracts specifically skilled individuals, but it has also become an increasingly competitive territory which requires the inter-connectedness of a multitude of talents to sustain itself both regionally and globally. In other words, there is definitely a place for every interested and passionate individual to be part of within the Arts and Culture scene.

From left to right: Dr. Danny Tan, A/Prof Loy Hui Chieh (moderator), Ms Cystal Lim Leahey (Director of CFG), Mr. Gaurav Kripalani, Ms. Yvonne Tham, Mr. Steven Chia, Ms Sharon Tan (director of CFA), Ms. Hoon Jia Jia, and Mr Novin Ng (Director Yale-NUS)

With this new knowledge on the multitude of opportunities available, the next burning question raised by attendees during the event was “What exactly does the Arts and Culture sector look for in a fresh graduate?” This concern was well addressed during the panel discussion by prominent representatives from respective fields in the local Arts and Culture scene. The panelists included Ms. Yvonne Tham from The Esplanade, Dr. Danny Tan from Odyssey Dance Theatre, Mr. Steven Chia from Channel NewsAsia, Ms. Hoon Jia Jia from National Arts Council, and Mr. Gaurav Kripalani from Singapore Repertory Theatre. With their light-hearted and whimsical sharing, all panelists affirmed the one crucial quality they look for in a fresh graduate – passion! Given the multi-faceted and bustling Arts and Culture scene, embodying a passionate stance is essential for one to sustain and thrive with a positive attitude as he or she embarks on this journey.

After the insightful panel discussion, all panelists and attendees enjoyed light refreshments during which they had the opportunity to network and engage in more intimate conversations. Apart from the panelists, there were also other networking representatives present during the event. They included organizations and corporations such as NUS Museum, ArtScience Museum, National Gallery Singapore, National Library Board, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Checkpoint Theatre, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Centre For the Arts (CFA) and Asian Film Archives.

ArtConnect was truly an engaging and enlightening event that broadened my perspective on Singapore’s emerging Arts and Culture scene. I left with interesting anecdotes and advice from prominent leaders who have helped to shape the local Arts and Culture scene into the lively platform for creative thought it is today. The event also served as a reminder for the increasing need for young talents like us in this booming sector, which is set to grow and develop further in the years to come. ArtsConnect equipped students with the knowledge and empowered them with the passion to continue their pursuit in the Arts and Culture scene, and we all look forward to the next instalment of ArtsConnect!