Writing Module – ES1501B

Dear FASS Students

You are allowed to read the following module offered by the Centre for English Language Communication to fulfil either the Breadth or Unrestricted Electives outside Major requirements.

ES1501B From Kodak to Instragram: How Images Tell Lies

Elmo Gonzaga

How do pictures and videos wear the mask of truth? How are they used in newspapers, films, and websites to magnify credibility and persuasiveness? We will look at how images are arrayed with words in news sources to create a truth-effect. Unearthing the norms of objectivity that readers accept, we will ask how particular blogs and feeds become more credible than others. We will examine what happens to the truth-effect when images are digitized and manipulable. Lastly, we will analyze how they form persuasive arguments in documentaries that question the boundary between fact and faction, such as The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Dean’s Office

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

ES2007S Professional Communication Skills: Principles & Practice

Dear Years 2, 3 and 4 Students,

The Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) would like to invite you to read a practical and interesting module – “ES2007S Professional Communication Skills: Principles and Practice”.

ES2007S aims to help you become a more effective communicator in any professional context. It is a module that marries some theory with a lot of hands-on practice, with many opportunities for you to work on and build your confidence in oral and written communication skills. Among others, ES2007S covers interpersonal communication, the 7Cs of professional writing, persuasive presentations, job search skills (including writing resumes, job application letters, as well as conducting yourself at job interviews) and intercultural communication. These are all essential skills transferable to the workplace and any other professional platform.

ES2007S does not have a final examination. Instead, assessment is continual and based on a variety of oral and written assignments, classroom tasks, and quizzes.

To find out more about ES2007S, please visit our website at;


Alternatively, you may email the Course Coordinator, Dr Radhika Jaidev at elrj@nus.edu.sg.

The ES2007S team welcomes you and looks forward to working with you to enhance your ‘personal brand’ in the professional arena.


Dear cross-faculty students,

Enrollment is open for CP2201, a new course to be launched this semester. The objective of the course is to introduce students to digital innovation, and to encourage them to embark on a personal journey of creativity and challenge leading to exciting new careers. It is worth 2 modular credits and is assessed on Completed Satisfactory (CS)/Completed Unsatisfactory (CU) basis. More details can be found at;


You will bid it as breadth (U9) using points in General a/c in CORS.


Professor Juzar Motiwalla will select students for his module, CS5351, on The Business of Software and Digital Markets.  The enrollment for CS5351 is limited. The class is open to 4th year undergraduate students from all faculties.

More details can be found at


The lecturer is Professor Juzar Motiwalla, who was a Partner at a Venture Capital company. Previously he was CEO of Kent Ridge Digital Labs. He has worked closely with top executives of Apple, HP, IBM and other leading companies as well as with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and Asia.

CS5351 is offered in Semester 1 (2012/13), on Mondays 6.30 -9.30 pm in Executive Classroom COM2-04-02. The first class is on Monday, 13th August. The course can be only taken for credit and is graded. Full attendance is expected.

If you wish to sign up for CS5351, please e-mail directly to Professor Motiwalla (dcsjm@nus.edu.sg) by 25th July 2012, 12.00 noon with responses to the points below in the format shown. Students with questions about the course may contact Prof Juzar Motiwalla.

The students to be preallocated for the module will be selected by 30th July 2012.


Matriculation Number:


Degree enrolled in:

Home Faculty:


Year of Study:

1) Please explain why you wish to take this module.

 2) Please list any special achievements, interesting activities outside studies/work, internships and attachments, or entrepreneurial experience.

3) Please point out prior relevant background you have if you are not SoC students.

Psychology Graduation Lunch 2012: A Special Celebration

FASS AS7 Foyer, with a new look, for the Special Celebration

On 9 July 2012, the Department of Psychology organized a special pre-Commencement Graduation Lunch for its graduating students. Directed by Stephen Lim with the support of Lee Li Neng, Lim Yonghao, and Exco members of the Psychology Student Society, this Event attracted around 200 guests, including graduands, their loved ones, student alumni, as well as Faculty members. An elaborate buffet-style lunch comprising of a live chef station was accompanied by special instant photography services which, Psychology Head A/P Sim Tick Ngee commented, “made the occasion much more meaningful as a commencement occasion”.

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Lee Foundation helps PhD student mould the future of the arts

Felicia Low is on a quest to make art a part of the community. The performance and installation artist, who was selected for the President’s Young Talent Show in 2009, is pursuing her doctorate in Cultural Studies in Asia at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on the Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship.

She explains, “The mission is not so much to ‘change’ the community but I want art to take on a meaning that is more profound and connected to people and life. Without the Scholarship, I think the opportunity to do a PhD would have been out of reach for me.”

The Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship was established with donations received from the Lee Foundation. It is the University’s most prestigious scholarship for graduate students.

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Felicia low in her performance entitled "Mounds".

Application for Life Sciences Minor, AY2012/2013 Semester 1

The application for admission into Life Sciences Minor, for AY2012/2013 Semester 1, is now open.

The requirements of the Minor and the application procedure are available here:


The application form is available here:


Closing date for application: 20th July 2012 (5pm)