A gift from the heart

They come from different corners of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and major in varied subjects such as Economics, Political Science and Psychology. Yet, Wilson Deng, Seah Wang Ling, Douglas Lee and Vanessa Lim all had one thing in common when they came together as members of the FASS Arts Club. They were determined to help FASS students in financial difficulty, and encourage fellow feeling within the Faculty.

So they came up with the “Faculty that cares” project, with the help of their fellow management committee members including Priscilla Tang, Kenneth Kang, Lim Ling Hong, Stephanie Yeo and Jasper Neo, as well as affiliate members including Ooi Teck Chau and Sylvia Phua. Over two days, they set up a booth along a busy FASS walkway and encouraged fellow students and staff to pen their wishes for FASS on post-it notes for a donation. The proceeds went to the FASS Student Advancement Bursary Fund. Their belief was rewarded. Over 250 students, faculty and staff at FASS took part in this initiative.

Vanessa, one of the organisers and a Second Year Economics major, says, “The strong support was a pleasant surprise. We realised that many people within the Faculty want to help others, and the initiative was a meaningful way for them to support fellow students as part of a Faculty that cares.”

Wilson, a Third Year Political Science major, adds, “I have received financial aid, and am aware of how far a dollar can go. We are glad to have contributed in our own way, and we hope this inspires more FASS students to help their peers.”

The post-it notes were put up in the Arts Club, aptly enough in the shape of a heart.

To know more about making a gift to NUS, please call Ms Ho Yuen Kwan at 6516 5755 or email askdvo@nus.edu.sg.