NUS Arts Festival 2013 – The Swing Thing

With an all FASS cast, The Swing Thing is a musical extravaganza conceived and created by Jeremiah Choy. It brings together the diverse and wildly different talents of undergrads and alumni.

The story looks into the life of an undergraduate undergoing uni life— the ups and downs, the dreams and aspirations, the delusions and the disappointments. It is the beginning of a promising journey, and it is also an end of certain innocence. It will make you laugh and cry as the cast bring back your favorite memories.

Read more about the versatile cast of The Swing Thing here.

Tickets are available at SISTIC.


Japanese Cultural Festival 2013

Adding to the hustle and bustle of the start of a new semester, the Japanese Cultural Festival 2013 occurred over the span of the third week in school. Organized by the Japanese Studies Society, the Japanese Cultural Festival comprises of two components, the Festival Bazaar and the Concert Night; this year’s theme for both of them was 祭り(Festival). Both events were held in the FASS compound; the first in Central Forum and the latter in LT13. Together, the two sister events brought various components of Japanese culture to the FASS community and the school population as a whole, and provided everyone with a more all-rounded perspective of Japanese culture.



Held from 28th to 30th January at the Central Forum, the festival bazaar was an unprecedented first attempt by the Japanese Studies Society to merge a focus on exposure to Japanese culture to the concept of a bazaar. For that purpose, the bazaar vendors included Japanese vendors such as BonJapan, one of the largest Japanese snacks and toys importer, and
Kerria Japanese Restaurant, as well as many other vendors selling clothes and other interesting merchandise. The festival bazaar has more than just merchandise available. In line with the theme for the year, free games booth were also included for students to try their hands at winning attractive prizes, just like the ones in a matsuri in Japan.


Visitors to the bazaar could also try on character costumes such as Rilakkuma and Doraemon (generously sponsored by BonJapan), as well as traditional Japanese costumes, and have their photos taken for free and posted on the JSS Facebook page.


Japanese martial arts groups in NUS, Aikido and Karate, were also invited to set up booths at the bazaar. Sado, JSS’ very own sub-club also held tea ceremony demonstrations right in the middle of central Forum, making the elegant traditional art accessible to everyone. Last but not least, Popular Japanese DJ, DJ toMU from Show Ning DJ Lab was also invited to the bazaar to showcase the art of disc-jockey.



Following the festival bazaar, the concert acts as a finale to the festival and serves as a platform to showcase a variety of Japanese performance arts to the audience. It was held on 1st February at LT13 of AS3.


The first segment of the night consisted of upbeat pieces by Singapore Polytechnic’s Taiko team, melodious tunes by NUS’ very own Koto club, three dance items (including an original choreography) by NUS Buyo, and demonstrations by martial arts teams NUS Aikido and NUS Karate.


The first segment of traditional performances was followed by the modern segment of J-rock performances after intermission, delivered by bands Bikkuri★! and Syrius Falls. The J-rock performances were separated by a lively performance of Wotagei, a set of dance movements with light sticks performed by fans of Japanese idol singers, showcasing yet another aspect of Japan’s unique pop culture. As the night drew to a close, the festival officially ended with great success, having spread the love for Japanese culture along with much joy and laughter.

SAP TERP10 : Information Session on 13th March 2013

Dear Fellow Students,

In the current working environment, IT systems are a necessity in order to ensure a firm’s competitiveness.  Companies of today rely heavily on enterprise systems to carry out their business processes, regardless of the industries they belong to.

With such widespread use of enterprise systems in the workplace, you will find that a globally-recognized Information Systems certification will increase your employment prospects and your knowledge of the business processes that goes on inside a large enterprise.

The School Of Computing Students Trainer Team will be conducting certification workshops for the SAP TERP10 systems this coming May. SAP is the world’s No. 1 provider of enterprise information systems. Upon attending this workshop and passing the examination you will receive a globally recognized SAP Certificate.

By attending this workshop, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Independence of Industry Type – SAP systems are used by governments and MNCs from a large range of industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Accounting Firms and many more. Attending the workshop will allow you to understand the functions of such companies better.  You will stand to benefit even if you are not a Computing student. 

Increased Employability – The SAP certification is conducted on a global level and is recognized worldwide. Having such a certification on your resume enhances your prospect of employment in the near future

Affordable Course Fees – The workshops are offered at an affordable price of $680 (non-SoC students) and $650 (SoC students). A similar cost conducted out of school could cost up to $8000.

Interested? Come on over to our SAP Information Session to find out more! 

Details of the session are as follows :

Date     :            13th March 2013

Time    :            5PM to 6PM

Venue :             Seminar Room 1 at COM1 #02-06

We are glad to invite Ms Alicia Woo, senior manager from SAP Southeast Asia, as our guest speaker. Ms Woo is part of the SAP University Alliances global team which works with universities and tertiary institutions to incorporate SAP technologies into their academic curriculum. This transfer of knowledge and industry best practices allows students to be industry-ready and highly employable when they graduate to join the workforce.

You are very much welcome to attend our information session which is immensely helpful for you to clear any doubt about the workshop.

Please register for the information session via our website or through the link by 3rd March 2013.

You may also refer to our website for the details and updates of the workshop.

If you have any inquiries, please direct to Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you there!


SAP Student Trainers’ Team

NUS School of Computing

NUS Psychology Society IMH Tours 2013

NUS Psychology is organizing a visit to the Singapore Institute of Mental Health (IMH) on the 25th of Feb from 9am to 11.30am!

Ever wondered how it would be like to work in IMG? Or are you just curious to debunk the myths and horror stories of the place?

No matter, your chance is HERE!



For further details, look forward to a confirmation email that will be sent to you, if you have signed up, closer to the date of the tour.

Due to the limited availability of the slots, PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU CAN MAKE IT FOR THE AFOREMENTIONED DATE.

Members will be given priority during the allocation of vacancies for the tour.

FASS Speed Mentoring & Networking with Alumni – Register Now!

Join us to get valuable insights from your very own seniors who have graduated into the various industries. Insiders’ perspectives to over 10 industries in a single evening. 

Do not miss this event that only happens once a year!

Click HERE to register for the speed mentoring evening.

Click HERE to view profiles of the participating alumni.

Special Invitation to the Inaugural FASS Career Day – Register Now!


Not sure about your career options or how to prepare for your dream job?  Come find your answers at our Inaugural FASS Career Day on Thursday, 21 Feb 2013 – for a day of events lined up just for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover and be inspired by our alumni on what you can do with your FASS degree!


I wish to register for FASS Tourism & Hospitality Industry Talk (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM)

I wish to register for Winning Formula to a Great 1st Impression (3:20 PM – 5:45 PM)

I wish to register for FASS Speed Mentoring Evening (6:30 PM – 8:30 PM)

Registration deadline: 19 Feb 2013

Click HERE for more information on the above events (do check back regularly for updates on the alumni profiles)

Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Fellowship Programme

Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Fellowship Programme

by Wei Bingbing

Department of History

Thanks to the Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Fellowship Programme, I had an opportunity to study and live at Harvard University for three semesters, from August 2011 to January 2013. It was a dreamlike journey, an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.

(Wei Bingbing at Harvard Yard)

For anyone who has certain commitment to academia, Harvard is a paradise to conduct research. Aside from its numerous world-class scholars and brilliant students, it also has a lovely campus and the largest university library system in the world. Registering as a student of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, I had access to almost all facilities and resources. I collected materials for my dissertation and audited a few courses that interested me. A professor was assigned as my mentor, who offered me much guidance and help in terms of research. There are a large number of seminars, talks, conferences, and other academic activities held in the university every semester, which provided not just interesting discussions and inspiring ideas but also good refreshments. I took the opportunity to attend a couple of them while preparing my dissertation.

The Harvard-Yenching Institute (HYI) provides Visiting Fellows with excellent conditions to study and live there. The monthly stipend is more than enough for living expense, and one could apply for extra funding to attend a conference in North America. Young Fellows share offices with established Visiting Scholars from different countries of Asia. I learnt a lot from my office mates who were always willing to give me a hand in both study and life.

(At Plymouth Colony,Massachusetts, one of the earliest colonies founded by the English in North America. On the left is Yao Dadui, a visiting fellow from Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou, China)

My visiting experience at Harvard, for sure, was not merely about research. Living in the dormitory during the first two semesters, I made some good friends from all over the world. Cambridge, the town where the university was located, and the adjacent city Boston, are well known for their beautiful views, colorful history, and rich cultural life. It was always pleasant to take a walk along the elegant Charles River, at any time of the day. Boston has wonderful museums, theaters, symphony, sports teams, and etc. The HYI organises a few trips around New England each year.  I also took a couple of long-distance journeys myself too.

Dedicated to promoting the studies of humanities, arts, and social sciences in Asia, the HYI has been supporting outstanding scholars and students from Asian academic institutions to visit Harvard for decades. Focusing mainly on East Asia previously, there has been increasing attention on Southeast Asia recently. NUS has established a solid cooperative relationship with HYI, and I strongly encourage graduate students to apply for the Visiting Fellowship programme as well as other  programmes offered by HYI.