AY2016/17 Semester 1 Internships

Still looking for an internship in Semester 1?

Visit the Arts/Social Sciences Internship Management System (AIMS) and click on AY2016/17 Semester 1. You will find interesting internships offer to FASS by:

  • National Parks Board (NParks)
  • Aegis Media Asia Pacific Management Pte Ltd
  • DeVries Global
  • PacificLight Power Pte. Ltd.
  • SCOR Re
  • Ministry of Education

Please note that AIMS does not make the internship application. Make your application by writing an email to the contact person or other method indicated on the internship description.

Visit FASS Internship Programme webpages for more information about the programme, or contact Karen Wong (email).


Alumni give back — FASS Conversations: Design your Career

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Making career decisions is never easy. To partner you in this decision making process, the Centre for Future-ready Graduates, together with the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences organized the “FASS Conversations: Design your Career” talk where questions were collated from you and your peers, categorized into 3 topics and addressed by the young Alumni:

Topic 1: Value of a FASS degree- Translating NUS experience for corporate success
Topic 2: Job Search Strategy
Topic 3: School to Workplace Transition

Young Alumni with experiences across the industries of Non Profit, Industry development, Marketing, Consulting, Public Relations and Tourism were present:
– Rachel, Assistant Manager, Resource Development and Communications at World Vision
– Shawn, Co-founder and Business Lead at Monocoque Service Design
– Soo Yee, Manager, Industry and Enterprise Development Group in F&B Services in SPRING Singapore
– Amanda, Senior Executive, Resort Marketing at Resorts World Sentosa

Those who were present valued the candid sharing from the young Alumni who spoke of the importance of acquiring experiences throughout their undergraduate years, being proactive to meet and speak with people from different backgrounds. Going on Student Exchange Programmes, securing local or overseas internships, participating in hall activities, CCAs and gaining volunteering experiences are just some examples of avenues where you can gain exposure to your fields of interest and acquire soft skills. One of the unique selling points of a FASS graduates are people and communication skills and ability to offer a different perspective on the issue at hand. This puts you in a better advantage in organizations where employees are required to work in teams or brainstorm ideas to creatively solve real world problems.

Some Alumni shared that it was a natural transition for them moving into their first job as things just fell in place nicely when they were searching for their first job. Having exposure to the industry and knowing people in the field greatly helped them in their decision making process and the transition. The Alumni present also candidly shared about the toughest interviews that they went through and emphasized on the importance of not only being prepared for the interview but also having the right attitude when presenting yourself to potential employers. Sharings on work culture, the make-up of colleagues in their work places and challenges faced in their roles gave the audience fresh insights on what to expect in the real working world. The Alumni were open and generous in their personal sharing and offered valuable tips. We look forward to organizing a subsequent installment of this well-received FASS Conversations talk!

To hear from HR Managers perspective on the topics covered, we invite you to the 3rd Instalment of the HR Perspectives – Recruitment Deciphered! Talk on 6 Apr, Wed, 4-6pm.

Take a glimpse into the “behind-the-scenes” process of job applications and understand from HR’s perspectives on what makes or breaks an application.

<Click here> to sign up for the event!

FASS Mentorship Programme — sign up NOW!

The FASS Mentorship Programme (FASSMP), established in 2006, provides a link between FASS undergraduates and successful FASS alumni. Providing insights on specific career sectors and how to get ahead, established alumni act as mentors to guide you in charting a career path ahead.

The year-long mentorship programme starts from August each year until July of the following year, and caters specifically to students in their graduating year (applications should be submitted in your penultimate year). Our recommendations are:

  • Minimum of 4 meetings, which may take the form of email exchanges, phone chats, tea/lunch chats, office visits, or a combination of these.
  • Meetings could discuss matters relating to a specific work sector, career path development, and professional practices.

A call is made in February each year for application to the FASS MP.

Visit the FASS Mentorship webpage to register: http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/studentlife/mentorship.html

Closing date is 11 March 2016.

FASS Conversations: Design your Career – 8 Mar, 6.30pm

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 Brought to you by Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and Centre for Future-ready Graduates
Career services

FASS Conversations – Design your Career
Engage in candid discussion with 4 FASS Alumni to design a career right for you

 8 Mar 2016, Tuesday
6.30pm – 8.30pm (Registration starts at 6pm)
AS7 Level 1 Seminar Room B


Making career decisions is never easy. Connect with your FASS Alumni from the Public Service, PR/Marketing, Non-Profit and Hospitality/Consulting sector via a Career Discussion session.  Tap into their expertise, gain insights into their journey since graduation from FASS and hear their career lessons. Learn how to MAXIMISE the value of your FASS degree.


This event is for you if you:
–       want to do well in your career but do not have clarity of what you might like to do
–       want to know how to market your experiences in FASS to employers
–       would like to seek inspiration and guidance from candid sharing of young Alumni whom had ventured into the corporate world
–       would like to gain Information to help you decipher the decision making process and design your dream career 

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FASS Internship Programme

Happy New Year and Greetings from the FASS Dean’s Office! We trust you have had a great start to another semester. The Faculty is embarking on a new internship programme called the FASS Internship Programme (FASS IP).  The FASS IP is open to NUS students whose first major is in FASS. There are three modules in this programme:

FAS2550 FASS Exposure Internship.  This module is offered to students who, have completed an internship (from AY2014/15 onwards). You may register this module in any subsequent regular semester, including your final semester. This module is a 2 MC UE module to recognise your internship effort. The deadline to register this module for AY2015/16 Semester 2 is 5 Feb 2016 (Friday). All you have to do is to follow the instructions in this webpage. Internships performed in AY2015/16 Semester 2 would be acknowledged under this module.

FAS2551 FASS Internship and FASS2552 FASS Extended Internship. Students who are planning to intern during the forthcoming AY2015/16 Special Term and subsequent semesters will benefit from these two modules. You are expected to source internships and secure them on your own. To find out more about the FASS Internship Programme, please visit http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/studentlife/fassip.html. The Faculty will use the new Arts/Social Sciences Internship Management System (AIMS) to connect you with your Academic Advisor and manage written work for these modules (Work Plan, Journals and Reports). It also contains internships that are pre-approved for the FASS IP. Internships for FASS IP are approved on a rolling basis so check back often.

A/Prof Loy Hui Chieh, Vice-Dean (External Relations & Student Life), will be conducting a briefing for FASS students who wish to embark on internship, called “An Internship for Me?”. Present at the briefing will be key people in the Faculty who will assist you in your journey. The briefing will be held on 28 Jan 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, AS7-01-17 Seminar Room B. A light meal will be served.

Please sign up HERE by 25 Jan.

Want to make a Better World? Be a Changemaker – Resources & Funding (up to S$20k)!


12pm – 12.45pm, Thurs 29 Oct 2015

Seminar Rm B, AS7

Come find out about the YSE programme which helps young change-makers embark on social enterprises in Singapore & beyond.

It’s network of social entrepreneurs harnesses the power of ideas, know-how & resources to enrich lives & effect positive change for a better world.

Learn from and network with leading social entrepreneurs, professionals & other youths for potential collaborations & partnerships.

International network of 350 alumni & over 60 institutional partners.


YSE-SIF 2016





OCBC — NUS Evening Series @FASS

OCBC Evening Series


FRANK by OCBC is organising a series of talks on 8, 15 and 22 October, 7:00 pm, at AS7-01-17 Seminar Room B.  Event registration begins at 6:30pm. There will be dinner and an opportunity to meet OCBC executives after the talk.  Click on the respective hyperlinks below to sign up.

8 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: Mind your own money — Financial Literacy Talk

Are you too young for investments and insurance? If you are clueless about your financial journey, let Mr Vasu Menon (Vice President, Wealth Management, OCBC Bank) let you in on some financial tips and tricks.

Click here to sign up.


15 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: You are the CEO of your career — Career Management Talk

Come to our FRANK talk to learn how to plan and manage your career from a veteran Human Resource specialist as you approach your graduation and next stage of life.

Click here to sign up.


22 Oct  FRANK by OCBC presents: All that glitters is not just Gold – Careers@OCBC Recruitment talk

One tends to associate a successful and glittering career with attractive monetary rewards. Let our 2 speakers, who have built their careers in the financial industry, debunk this myth by sharing their exciting journeys with OCBC and how you may also build your own pot of gold.

Click here to sign up.







FASS Fosters Closer Connections between Students, Staff, Deanery, and Alumni

With the goal of building meaningful ties between students, staff and deanery members, as well as alumni, FASS’s External Relations and Student Life (ERSL) division recently invented the FASS Ensemble, FASS Joggers, and the FASS Care and Connect Series.

FASS Ensemble made its debut appearance at the FASS Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on 29 August 2015. Dr. Lam Lap (Associate Professor of Chinese Studies; violinist), Miss Jasmine Lee (Economics undergraduate student; violist), and Miss Wang Yushi (Psychology undergraduate student; pianist) performed a Trio titled Variations No. 4 by N. Baklanova, while Mr. Huang Junjie (Alumnus) and Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder) performed a four-hands piano work titled Spanish Dances Op. 12 No. 5 (Bolero) by M. Moszkowski.

FASS Ensemble before its performances

FASS Joggers – Fasster Than You Imagine, led by its core team comprising of Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder), Dr. Donna Brunero (Senior Lecturer of History), Mr. Hong Li Wee (Geography Undergraduate Student), Mr. Seah Eng Chye (Economics Alumnus), and Ms. Heng Yu Tse (Psychology Alumnus), embarked on their first pilot jog of 4.25 km around campus on 31 August 2015.

FASS Joggers at its first jog

The first FASS Care and Connect session was held on 16 September 2015, during which Dr. Stephen Lim (Assistant Dean of ERSL and Founder), Dr. Shirlena Huang (Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Geography), Mr. Chu Yiu Tak (Psychology Alumnus and currently Captain of SCDF), FASS administration leaders, and students from nine different Departments discussed “Life After Graduation” over tea.

FASS Care and Connect session

We look forward to more of such excellent, exciting ventures by the ERSL division.