While social class division exists, it does not mean Singapore is divided

Thursday, 11 January 2018 


This was an article contribution by Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser and Assistant Professor Vincent Chua from the Department of Sociology at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Dr Gillian Koh, Deputy Director (Research) and Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Policy Studies at NUS. The authors elaborated on some of the findings of their recent study on social capital in Singapore and discussed how best Singapore can approach this issue of a social class divide. They added that we should remain vigilant of any possible emerging class tensions as while bringing people of diverse backgrounds together is necessary, it is not in itself a sufficient condition. Apart from equalising opportunities, we must facilitate and nudge our people to work together, play together and support one another. We must also recognise the different strengths and talents of our people, thereby developing multiple pathways for achieving success in Singapore. These will not only produce a more compassionate meritocracy, but also greater social cohesion and a stronger national identity.

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