For win-win finance

24 March 2016

The Korea Times

In an article contribution by Associate Professor Shin Jang-Sup, Department of Economics, and former advisor to South Korea’s finance minister, he discussed the instabilities affecting the global financial market.

Assoc Prof Shin opined that the only way to address this is to devise policy measures to minimise room for ‘win-lose’ finance while promoting ‘win-win’ finance. He noted that governments around the world are not daring to do so and are mostly hiding behind a pretext that those policy interventions would hurt ‘efficiency’ of the financial market. He added that a critical problem in the current financial market nowadays is too much liquidity, not a lack of liquidity, and that this liquidity is mostly circulating in ‘win-lose’ finance and even obstructing the functioning of the real economy.

To read the full article, click here.

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