Violence and terror: Take a closer look at the us versus them rhetoric

17 November 2015

The Straits Times

In an article contribution, Professor Mohan J. Dutta, Provost’s Chair Professor of Communications and New Media and Director of the Centre for Culture-Centred Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) at NUS, opined that the Paris attack is being portrayed as the backdrop for the mobilisation of an attack on Syria. He added that the simplicity of this story – the primitive Middle East calling for a Western invasion – ignores the lessons that previously emerged from the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prof Dutta shares that to really address the questions of violence and terror globally, the rhetoric of freedom needs to be examined closely and a fundamental transformation is needed in the global narrative of geosecurity, shifting the discourse from imperial invasions to protect freedom to a global discourse of peace and dialogue that challenges the terror implicit in acts of violence.

To read the full article, click here.

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