Ready for the Journey Ahead


“The decision to pursue my doctoral studies at this late stage was a conscious one. I felt ready to pursue something that would be challenging but also satisfying in the rigour it required of me. An alumnus of NUS, I knew I would be stretched and was ready for the journey ahead. It has not been an easy one but definitely very satisfying and rewarding for all aspects of scholarly life: learning, leading, and serving.

I have learnt not only from the courses I undertook as part of the modular requirement but also beyond. I have learnt equally from courses I audited voluntarily on campus as well as the Overseas Education Programs and summer courses I’ve had an opportunity to attend due to the extensive affiliation programs that NUS has with partner universities globally.

The support offered by the faculty for overseas fieldwork has enriched my research and deepened my perspective. Additionally, the opportunity to participate at overseas conferences has allowed access to feedback from experts and from colleagues working in similar areas elsewhere.

The opportunity offered to represent graduate students of my department has taught me the importance of teamwork and mutual support that a community can offer and the difference it can make to members in their academic trajectories.

Finally, tutoring on faculty courses has been a ‘learning experience’ as much as it has been a ‘teaching experience’. I have gained much from the students I’ve come in contact with and feel better prepared to enter the world of academia.”

Ritu Jain
Graduate Student, South Asian Studies Programme
Recipient of the Graduate Students’ Teaching Award

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