Ageing well with help from the young and Support and empower seniors even as they grow older

The Straits Times

Assoc Prof Corinne Ghoh, co-director of Next Age Institute (NAI), was featured in two articles on successful ageing.

In the first article, it was mentioned that NAI’s pilot study on care pathways has taken off and its interim report of findings is expected to be out end of next year.

Assoc Prof Corinne Ghoh shares that the study will provide insights into care arrangements for older people as they transit from hospital to community or home care.

In the second article, she discussed the challenges in terms of support for the elderly as they age.

The challenge essentially lies in adopting an eldercare approach that will empower the elderly so that they will be able to continue to age in a familial environment without losing their sense of autonomy and self-esteem.

Click here and here to read the first and second article respectively.

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