Invitation to Apply – SG100: The Think Future Programme

Welcome to the next phase of SG100: The Think Future Programme!

Through the Think Future Programme, you will be able to experience being a policy maker, identify a policy problem and work on it with your group on potential solutions. Each work group will be assigned academic, practitioner and operations mentor, who will serve as resource persons for your team in the process. At the end of it all, the winning team from each of the 4 main groups will present your findings at the Think Future Forum in January, and advocate your policies to your peers as well as an expert panel. Furthermore, the winning team will receive a certificate of distinction from the Guest of Honor, while all other participants will receive certificates of merit. Along the way, participants may also be asked to take on volunteer roles for the Think Future Forum.

There are 4 topics that you can choose from to be involved in. We have provided some guiding questions for you to think about the key issues as well. You are also more than welcome to develop other policy problems within each of the broad topic choice.

  1. Jobs and economy
  • How do we help our workforce stay relevant and productive amidst fast paced technological and global developments?
  • How can Singapore nurture an entrepreneurial core, which will create better paying and interesting jobs in Singapore?
  • Should the education sector make changes to the education system or curriculum to better prepare younger Singaporeans for the future?

2. Family and demography

  • What policies can help Singaporeans to better prepare for their retirement?
  • What policies can better support families to cope with raising a family and looking after their aged?
  • How can we introduce more work-life balance and redevelop models of care to allow for a more family-centric environment?

3. Society and identity

  • What is it to be “Singaporean”? Is there a common set of values and norms we can point to?
  • How should we introduce national education in the curriculum for students?
  • How do we ensure a sense of belonging given our growing foreign population?

4. Liveable cities

  • What policies will make Singapore a home that Singaporeans love?
  • What infrastructure should we develop to allow Singapore to continually support its population?

The indicative commitment level is as such:

  1. Policy Workshop (22 Aug)
  2. 1 -2 lecture(s) by Thought Collective on the topic you have chosen (TBC)
  3. 4 month mentorship programme (with a minimum of 3 physical meetings with your mentors from Aug-Nov)
  4. Think Future Forum in January (TBC)

To register, click here. Selected participants will be contacted.

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