New Award for Top Malay Studies Student at NUS

The Straits Times Online

FASS Department of Malay Studies Ms Nur’Izzah Mohamad Afandi, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Second Class (Upper) Honours at this year’s Commencement Ceremony. Ms Nur’Izzah is also an inaugural recipient of the Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF) Prize which comprises a cash award of S$1,000.

The prize is borne out of a S$15,000 gift by MHF to NUS and is only awarded to the top honours student from the Department of Malay Studies at FASS. It serves as an encouragement for recipients to make continuous efforts in keeping the Malay culture alive and in promoting it to the rest of the nation.

Madam Zuraidah Abdullah, chairman of the MHF, said that the prize was set up with the aim of creating a long term relationship between recipients and the foundation.

MHF was established on 28 July 1999. Through partnerships with the Malay Heritage Centre and other relevant bodies, it hopes to promote the study and research as well as the public’s understanding and knowledge of the historical and socio-cultural development of the Malay Community in Singapore.

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