Reading Humanities in FASS: What to Expect


The study of Humanities can be said as the study of human culture and experiences through explorations of philosophy, arts, history, languages and literature. Using methods that are often highly critical and analytical, students obtain knowledge that helps to make sense of the past and present. The study of Humanities bridges the past and present and in turn helps us to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.

In FASS, students have the opportunity to read Humanities subjects such as English Language, English Literature, History, Philosophy and Theatre Studies.

English Language

Offered by the Department of English Language and Literature, the programme is great for those who have a penchant for the language and are interested to delve further into its structure, development and functions in the society.

Through modules such as EL 3206 Psycholinguistics or EL4254 Language, Ideology and Power, students will get a chance to explore the development and complex psychological processes behind the usage of language and examine key concepts and ideas by scholars.

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English Literature

Also offered by the Department of English Language and Literature, students who take up the programme will be adept in academic writing as well as literary and cultural reading taken from British, American and Film and Cultural Texts.

Currently, a Creative Writing Track is underway. The special programme will possess three strands – poetry writing, playwriting and prose writing.

Students can look forward to modules such as EN 2204 Reading the Horror Film which highlights the importance of genre analysis in film studies and EN 2271 Introduction to Playwriting which equips students with skills and resources needed to write for the stage.

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The Department of History introduces the subject to students who are particularly interested in pressing issues, political and economic trends, geography and other determinants that shaped the past centuries of human civilisation.

Students will be able to explore social concepts or debunk historical and current phenomenon in modules such as HY 2257 Law, Crime and Punishment in History and GEK 2049/GEH 1013 Pirates, Oceans & the Maritime World.

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The Philosophy programme curriculum crafted by the Department of Philosophy inculcate critical thinking skills and an appreciation for philosophical traditions.

From investigating alternative conceptions of the human condition in GEK 1067/GET 1029 Life, the Universe and Everything to grappling classic ancient and modern paradoxes in PH 3246 Paradoxes; students will develop valuable skills that are applicable in various aspects of life.

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Theatre Studies

The last of programmes offered by the Department of English Language and Literature is also the first degree-conferring programme in Theatre Studies in Singapore.

The modules offered under the programme entails both the theoretical and practical aspects of Theatre in both Eastern and Western traditions.

Students can expect to examine a wide array of film genres and styles in TS 2243 Film Genres: Stars & Styles as well as analyse and subsequently create a performance through another perspective such as in TS 4216 Feminism & Theatre.

Graduating cohort of the programme will also be able to experience working under the guidance of a guest director to put up a professional theatre production as a company in TS 3103 Play Production.

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