EG2604 – Innovation Programme AY2013/2014 Sem 1 – Open to ALL students

Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform you that EG2604 (Innovation Programme) is a module with 4 Modular Credits offered by the Faculty of Engineering and is open to ALL NUS students.

Students outside Faculty of Engineering are encouraged to take this module, find partners in Engineering, to find and solve problems together.

The Innovation Programme (IP) is designed to provide undergraduates with an experience of engaging in a semester-long innovative activity.  Students taking part in IP will engage themselves on a hands-on basis to create an outcome that has a practical significance. Students, under the guidance of a group of mentors will choose the subject of this engagement, find and define the problem they want to solve, defend it, and see through the completion of the solution. The mentors will monitor the progress and give advice in project development.

The detailed programme schedule can be found at the Innovation Program website:

The schedule for the module is as follows

Date: Mondays, Semester 1

Time: 10:00am – 12:00 pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Faculty of Engineering

The 1st class is on 12 Aug 2013. Even if you have not decided to take this module, you are welcome to attend the 1st class to find out more!

Registration Information

1.  The Innovation Programme (EG2604) is open for registration via CORS from 1 August 2013 (from Round 1C onwards).  Students are allowed to drop the module registered within the following dates:

  • Drop without penalty: until 25 Aug 2013
  • ‘W’ (Withdrawal) grade takes effect from 26 Aug 2013 0000hrs onwards
  • ‘F” (Fail) grade takes effect from 30 Sep 2013 0000hrs onwards

2.  Other Information:

–         Students can earn 4 MCs which can be counted either as UEM (Unrestrictive Elective Module) for all students, or as Breadth module for non-FoE students

–         Grades awarded will either be CS (Satisfactory) or CU (Unsatisfactory).  This module does not count towards the 12MC for S/U modules.

Thank you.

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