Tour of FASS

This year, the FASS Club Management Committee had decided to come up with a new orientation project known as the Tour of FASS. This tour seeks to orientate the freshmen around FASS with a special focus on academics. As such, different departments will be introduced and freshmen will be encouraged to ask freely about the different majors. Such an orientation project focusing mainly on academics was felt to be missing from the FASS Freshmen Orientation Programs (FOP) line up of previous years and is therefore included now as part of our bid to introduce a more comprehensive FOP.

The inaugural Tour was conducted on 15 June 2013. A total of 37 freshmen and 12 guides were involved in the augural tour. We received much help from the Central Library staff in facilitating the visit to the Central Library as part of the tour, and also help from Communications and New Media society and Psychology society to serve as guides for the Tour.  Such a collaboration has never been achieved before and FASS Club would like to extend our appreciation to these societies and the Central Library for their help.

The next Tours would be held on 13th July (10am and 2pm). We already have more than 50 sign-ups for the second round of Tours so what are you waiting for! Sign up today!


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