Experiencing Southeast Asia with OdySEA 2012

In the spirit of Homer’s epic poem, the purpose of OdySEA is to give students an opportunity to undergo a journey, both intellectually and physically, and allowing them to establish a new sense of self in relation to the region. Jointly offered by FASS and the Faculty of Science, the inaugural OdySEA attracted 30 students from both faculties who spent six weeks in the Special Term reading modules centred on Southeast Asia. Between going for classes and finishing up on reports, they also spent two weeks in either Thailand or Philippines to do field work.

Read more about the experiences of three FASS students who embarked on OdySEA 2012!


Sarah Lim (Philippines)                                      Dean Wong & Jeremy Ho (Thailand)

Also check out the documentary on Thai social etiquette Why Wai by four students for OdySEA 2012. Filmed and produced by Jeremy Ho, Kenneth Poon, Teng Horm Earm & Dean Wong.

For more information on OdySEA, visit the Study Abroad @ FASS Summer Programmes page.

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