Writing Module – ES1501B

Dear FASS Students

You are allowed to read the following module offered by the Centre for English Language Communication to fulfil either the Breadth or Unrestricted Electives outside Major requirements.

ES1501B From Kodak to Instragram: How Images Tell Lies

Elmo Gonzaga

How do pictures and videos wear the mask of truth? How are they used in newspapers, films, and websites to magnify credibility and persuasiveness? We will look at how images are arrayed with words in news sources to create a truth-effect. Unearthing the norms of objectivity that readers accept, we will ask how particular blogs and feeds become more credible than others. We will examine what happens to the truth-effect when images are digitized and manipulable. Lastly, we will analyze how they form persuasive arguments in documentaries that question the boundary between fact and faction, such as The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Dean’s Office

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

5 thoughts on “Writing Module – ES1501B

  1. hi, i’m trying to bid for this module in CORS Bidding round 1C but I can’t seem to find it. What may be the problem?

  2. Hi,
    I would like to double check if this module can be used to fulfill the breadth requirement for FASS students, since it is a writing module?

  3. Hi Julia,

    Yes, you can read this module to fulfill the breadth requirement for FASS students.

  4. Hi,

    so if FASS students use it to fulfil the breath requirement, we can S/U it if we don’t do well right? This is to double check before I decide to for on it. Thank you.

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