My experience studying in PKU

The DDP at PKU has given me the opportunity to experience and appreciate different approaches to linguistic research. Although one semester might be too short to fully integrate their research methodology into one’s knowledge, one can gain a rough idea and thus mitigate certain shortcomings of our own methodology.


On personal level, the DDP has allowed me to broaden my experience and to gain a new perspective on one’s own country.  As Beijing is a place where people from all over the world meet, it has given me the chance to breakdown some of the stereotypes about other countries and their people. Friendships were formed and maintained even after leaving the university. These relationships, insights and outlooks have formed a critical part of the study abroad experience.

The DDP was truly a wonderful and rare opportunity for learning and character-building. Having the multi-lingual and multi-cultural experience of studying in the two high-ranked universities in Asia will definitely improve one’s professional potential. I am glad that I have made the right choice!











Karen Tao Lok Sum

Current MA student from the Chinese Language Department

FASS, National University of Singapore

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