SAP TERP10 : Information Session on 19th October

Dear Fellow Students,

In the current working environment, IT systems are a necessity in order to ensure a firm’s competitiveness. Companies of today rely heavily on enterprise systems to carry out their business processes, regardless of the industries they belong to.

With such widespread use of enterprise systems in the workplace, you will find that a globally-recognized Information Systems certification will increase your employment prospects and your knowledge of the business processes that goes on inside a large enterprise.

The School Of Computing Students Trainer Team will be conducting certification workshops for the SAP TERP10 systems this coming December. SAP is the world’s No. 1 provider of enterprise information systems. Upon attending this workshop and passing the examination you will receive a globally recognized SAP Certificate.

By attending this workshop, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Independent of Industry Type – SAP systems are used by governments and MNCs from a large range of industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Accounting Firms and many more. Attending the workshop will allow you to understand the functions of such companies better. You will stand to benefit even if you are not a Computing student.

Increased Employability – The SAP certification is conducted on a global level and is recognized worldwide. Having such a certification on your resume enhances your prospect of employment in the near future

Affordable Course Fees – The workshops are offered at an affordable price of $680 (non-SoC students) and $650 (SoC students). A similar cost conducted out of school could cost up to $8000.

Interested? Come on over to our SAP Information Session to find out more!

Details of the session are as follows :

Date : 19th October 2011

Time : 1815PM to 1945PM

Venue : Seminar Room 7 at COM1 #02-07

If you have any inquiries, please direct to . Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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  1. You should spread the word about a blog that gives material docs, tips for this exam. A big help for those taking this certification exam. Cheers.

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