A Special Celebration for Chinese Studies Graduating Class of 2011

Speech by A/P Lee Cher Leng, Deputy Head

10th July 2011 was indeed a special day for the graduating students of the Department of Chinese Studies. After the Commencement ceremony in the morning, many packed LT10 in the afternoon for a special celebration organised by the department. This is the second year that Chinese Studies is organising the event which seeks to further strengthen the relationship with our alumni, and more importantly, to provide a platform for them to express their gratitude to their loved ones, especially parents. The intimate and cozy atmosphere of our graduate, major, and double-major students and their guests created a familial closeness that was uniquely different from the carnival-like atmosphere of the commencement ceremony. The different feel and texture of the two events made graduation even more memorable to all.

Opening Address by Dr Koh Khee Heong, organiser of the event

After a simple and touching speech by A/P Lee Cher Leng, every graduate received souvenirs and a special congratulatory letter from the department. Representatives from the undergraduate cohort, the graduating major students’ cohort and the Masters/PhD cohort shared their thoughts and appreciation with the guests.

The highlight of the event was the PowerPoint presentation filled with words of gratitude and photographs of great sentimental value done by the graduates. As the slides ran through the pictures and appreciation messages, there was silence in the lecture theatre as the heartwarming love from the graduates reached the heart of their loved-ones.  Some parents (and even grandparents) were quietly wiping their tears as they read the content. For some shy graduates who wished to show their appreciation in another way, they prepared hand-made cards and presented them to their teachers and loved-ones.

One of the many touching moments of the day

Later, as the participants enjoyed the scrumptious buffet spread, they exchanged words of gratitude and took numerous photos before heading back home. It may have been just a two-hour event, but we believe that all members of the “Chinese Studies family”, including professors, alumni, and parents, will definitely remember the meaningful moments. We wish all graduating students all the best in their future endeavors!

Complex emotions

– By Yap Chew Swee

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