Apathetic? Not Singaporean youth

In Friday’s edition of The Straits Times, there was an article contribution by Mr Tan Tarn How, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, a think-tank within the NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy; Dr Chung Siyoung, Visiting Fellow at the NUS Department of Communications and New Media; and Assistant Professor Zhang Weiyu from the NUS Department of Communications and New Media. The researchers shared the findings of a survey on the political traits of citizens and their uses and attitudes towards the media. The survey, which was conducted from August to October last year, found that Singaporean youth are less authoritarian than older people, participate more in politics than older people and consume more political content than older people.

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2 thoughts on “Apathetic? Not Singaporean youth

  1. Yuval, thank you for sharing this prcojet! It’s great. And if I find myself in Singapore again (not very likely, but still), I will definitely try to visit them. I really love prcojets like this, and it can definitely see how all sorts of businesses can do similar good work. I once worked in a company that provided digital workflow systems. One of the activities we often did in prcojets, was digitising paper archives for our clients. We always outsourced that to a special workplace in the Netherlands (there are several), which was staffed by intellectually challenged people. In these workplaces, they did all sorts of things, and there are probably many services that could also be delivered to airports or airlines.What I learned from that job, and ocassionally working with the people from that workplace, is that for all of us, having a job that fits your capabilities, maybe challenges you and gives you a sense of responsibility and ownership, does wonders for your self confidence. You could see that from their faces. One had at one point made promotion to team-leader, and she was so proud when she told us. It really opened my eyes.In a bit broader perspective, I really loved the fact that the NUS has a social entrepreneurship program. This is great, and I hope more and more universities and schools start teaching their business studies that it’s not just about the money, but that you can do a lot of good and make money in the process.

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