MOU signed with the University of Edinburgh to establish joint PhDs

Prof Dorothy Miell (Edinburgh) and Prof Brenda Yeoh (FASS) signing the MOU
Prof Dorothy Miell (Vice Principal and Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science, University of Edinburgh) and Prof Brenda Yeoh (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS) signing the MOU

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Edinburgh concerning Joint PhDs between the two institutions.  The MOU allows for students of either institution to spend a period of time at the other institution, undertaking research activities and interacting with faculty members there.

Supervision of the candidate’s thesis will be provided by a joint committee comprising faculty members from both institutions who are experts in the candidate’s field.  The scheme will follow general SEP schemes in that students will only pay the fees of their home institution.

FASS and Edinburgh University’s College of Humanities and Social Science share a number of research interests, including Science, Technology and Society (or Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, as it is known in Edinburgh) which will likely be the first topic in the exchange scheme.  Other research areas of mutual interest to Edinburgh and NUS include migration, SEA and South Asian studies, development studies, cities, environment studies, and others.

Students interested in the NUS-Edinburgh Joint PhD programme should contact the Division of Graduate Studies, Dean’s Office, FASS.

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