To be or not to be … An Entrepreneur – A Panel Discussion

“What should I do when I graduate – Shall I become an entrepreneur? Or is it better to work for a few years and then go down that path?”

 At a time when everyone is talking about entrepreneurship, and new programmes and incentives are being launched to encourage graduates to BYOB (“Be Your Own Boss”), is becoming an entrepreneur the best career choice that one can make? Or is there still any merit in the more traditional path of finding a job and working in a more established company?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then here’s a session you will not want to miss. USP has invited three illustrious NUS alumni from three different backgrounds for an engaging panel discussion, where they will share their experiences starting and running a business, as well as taking on a job in local start-ups and international companies.

Panel Discussion

Date : Sat, 11 December

Time : 10am-11.30am

Venue: Training Room 3, Yusof Ishak House, NUS

 Registration is required, click HERE. (by Friday, 10 Dec, 12 noon)

(This talk to open to ALL NUS students)


More about the panelists:

Aileen Sim: A graduate of NUS and the NOC programme, Aileen founded her first start-up, First Meta fresh out of NUS and has been digging in the trenches since. Over the last 4 years, she has had to hire and fire, worry about making the next paycheck, quit products and strategies, change the business plan, raise money, and had the satisfaction of acquiring customers and watching the company grow.

Abhishek Mehrotra: Abhishek joined Proctor & Gamble after graduating from NUS in 2007. After a year at the company, he left to pursue a long-held passion – writing. Over the last few years, he has written across a broad variety of subjects in many local and international publications. Currently, Abhishek writes for where he is one of the senior members of the editorial team.

YiXue Chong: Yixue was one of the first employees at an NUS start-up, tenCube. He joined the company after graduating from NUS Engineering in 2007 and has been there through its acquisition by McAfee in August 2010. He has handled various roles as tenCube grew, working with tenCube’s customers, partners and distributors to bring tenCube’s services to a global audience – and continuing this role after the acquisition.

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