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Dear Students,

You are invited to apply for a place in the University Town Writing Programme (UTWP) Pilot for Semester 2 of Academic Year 2010/2011.

The Centre for English Language Communication is currently piloting an innovative writing programme for the new University Town’s residential colleges, called the University Town Writing Programme (UTWP). UTWP modules are content specific and taught in a small group environment.  The programme is open to all students from Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FASS), School Of Business (BIZ), School Of Computing (SoC), School Of Design & Environment (SDE), Faculty Of Engineering (FoE), and Faculty Science (FoS).


The following modules are offered in Semester 2, 2010/2011:

Models of Press Freedom (WP2201B)

Mars/Venus?:  Gender & (Mis)Communication (WP2201C)

Writing in a Digital World (WP2201D)

From Human to “Posthuman” (WP2201E)

Globalization and Screen Media (WP2201F)

Language and Migration (WP2201G)

Eating Right(s): The Politics of Food (WP2201H)

Messing with Nature: Unintended Consequences (WP2201I)

Prizes & Popular Culture (WP2201J)


We especially encourage you to apply if you say, “That’s me,” to one or more of the four statements below.

·               I want to make more sense about ideas that make only partial sense to me.

·               I want to work with ideas beyond those in my textbooks.

·               I want other people to pay attention to my ideas.

·               I don’t have to write extended papers for most of my modules, but I still want to be able to write well.


During the current pilot phase of the program, students are refunded all their points except one upon successful completion of the UTWP module. 


Please go to for more information.  Timetables are available at:  Should you have any queries on the UTWP, please contact Ms Cheok Bee Khim at  or 65166955.

University Town Writing Programme

Centre for English Language Communication

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