Invitation to apply for Korean Government Scholarship Programme 2011 (KGSP Graduate)

The Korean Government is inviting applications for the Korean Government Scholarship Programme (KGSP) from individuals interested in pursuing either a Master’s or PhD degree in a Korean university.


The application form and guidelines are attached.


Applicants should take note of the following:


(1)  Scholars must take and pass a one-year full-time Korean Language course before proceeding to take up the degree course, because the degree course will be taught ENTIRELY in Korean. ONLY applicants who have a Level 5 pass or higher in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) are exempted from this course.


(2)  The scholarship is tenable for 3 years for those taking a Master’s course (1 year for the Korean Language course, and 2 years for the Master’s programme), and 4 years for those taking a PhD course (1 year for the Korean Language course, and 3 years for the PhD programme). In the case of scholars with a Level 5 pass in TOPIK, the duration will be reduced by 1 year.


(3)  Applicants should choose three (3) universities out of the list of 50 universities that are participating in the KGSP to apply to for admission. The list can be found in the Word document attached. They should also select their major for each of these universities. The approved fields of study in these universities are listed in the PDF attachment.


(4)  For item 1 of the form (Attachment 1), applicants should tick the box next to “Embassy”. For item 2 of the form, applicants should tick the box next to “General”.


(5)  The National Institute for International Education (NIIED), which is the Korean government department administering the programme, will only pay a maximum of 5 million Korean won (KRW) per semester for the scholar’s tuition fees. If the scholar opts for a course for which the tuition fee per semester exceeds this amount, the university that the scholar is admitted to must be willing to pay the difference.


(6)  Applicants should NOT hold Korean citizenship. Only those holding SINGAPORE citizenship can apply through the Korean Embassy in Singapore. Those holding the citizenship of another country should check whether or not that country is participating in the programme (page 2 of the Word document), and if so, they can contact the Korean Embassy in that country for more details regarding the submission deadline, the address to send the application form to, etc. The contact details of the Korean embassies in the various participating countries can be found in Contact Information for Korean Embassies (Attachment 9).   


(7)  Applicants should be BELOW the age of 40.


(8)  An official medical examination report needs to be submitted only after the applicant has been officially selected for the programme. At this stage, applicants need ONLY complete the Personal Medical Assessment Form (Attachment 6).


(9)  Applicants who choose to study natural science and technology, as well as those who are already proficient in Korean, may be given preference during the selection process.


(10)  An interview may be required as part of the selection process. All applicants SHOULD therefore provide a valid mobile phone number and/or email address.


(11)  NO originals should be submitted. The Embassy will not take any responsibility for any original document submitted as part of the application.


(12)               All applications are to be POSTED to:


Mr Kim Jae Heum

First Secretary

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

47 Scotts Road

#08-00 Goldbell Towers

Singapore 228233


(13)               The closing date is 28/2/11 (MON).


(14)               Please contact Mr Thomas Lim at 6836 2425 or for any queries.                                       


(15)             To see the programme guidelines click here. (2011 KGSP Graduate Program Guideline)


(16)            To see the information about university click here. (2011_KGSP_University_Information_English)

OECD Student Video Competition – “Progress is…”

Dear students


I am very pleased to inform you about a competition that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has launched in the context of its 50th anniversary celebrations, and as part of a commitment to engage with youth around the world.


A video competition has been opened to everyone between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.  Its theme is ‘progress’ and what it means to young people today. Participants are invited to submit on YouTube a short video – no longer than 3 minutes – which completes the phrase “Progress is …”.  It hope that those at your establishment who decide to take part, will find your subscribed access to OECD iLibrary ( a useful resource during their preparations.


The prize is a fully-paid trip to Paris, in May 2011, where winning entries will be showcased at the 2011 OECD Forum. You can find out more about the competition on our public website at


I trust that this initiative will contribute to further strengthening the OECD’s relations with young people and I thank you in anticipation of your support.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. James Kitchen

Marketing Manager


Public Affairs and Communications Directorate