Cozy and Supportive South Asian Studies Programme

3rd article

“The South Asian Studies Programme (SASP) is a small department, but its size provides a cozy and extremely supportive environment to do research in, from both an administrative and academic angle. The interdisciplinary nature of the department also exposed me to different approaches and ways of thinking, which formed and invaluably broad foundation. Similarly, the interdisciplinary courses recognised and encouraged by the SASP gave me a chance to sample and specialise across complementary discipline, and to meet fellow graduate students in different departments. This approach to learning and rigorous research has benefitted me even as I bring those skills to the corporate world, and as I discover how SASP’s training lasts far longer than just the graduate term itself.”

Ms Lee Wei Fen, (MA, NUS, 2013)
Research Manager (Ethnography),
Quantum Consumer Solutions, Mumbai, India

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