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On the move and need to attend a meeting? Use multi-mode conferencing.

CIT's newly launched service allows you to join regular video conferences via mobile devices and computers from anywhere at any time.

Simply install the relevant app for the device you are using and dial-in when the actual meeting takes place.

Visit the multi-mode conferencing page for more information.

CIT supported an APRU multi-party video conference involving 16 universities. The first APRU Video Conference Session on Grid Computing was hosted by National University of Singapore on 21 October 2009. Over 30 participants from Australia, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States took part in the video conference. Representatives from six universities presented their campuses' development, management and use of Grid resources for research computing and infrastructure.

in Systems Integration Asia, February/March 2009

PAVE Systems installed the Centre's integrated AV and communications systems... One attractive solution from the company's continuing efforts at NUS was the complete AV solution integrated into the SMART Lecture Theatre, which provided a seamless and fully efficient AV System, complete with control system and video-conferencing setup, for Distance Learning, Presentation and Teaching.

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