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lightboardTo create more engaging and personalised video lectures, CIT has installed a Lightboard at Practice Room 1, Stephen Riady Centre, University Town.

In this recording studio, the Lightboard is positioned between the lecturer and the camera. The board consists of dual-pane glass that is lit from within by LEDs.

Lecturers write on the glass surface with fluorescent markers to ensure that the writing can be seen in the recording. With this setup, any written text will be displayed correctly on the monitor screen as shown in the photo.

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in The Straits Times, 2 August 2011
by Leow Si Wan

The Education Resource Centre of the University Town (UTown) is poised to become a souped-up learning hub for the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The $50 million, four-level building, to be open 24/7, bristles with technology that will promote the active exchange of ideas among students, including collaborations across disciplines....

During a media tour yesterday, the director of NUS' Centre for Instructional Technology Ravi Chandran explained that the Education Resource Centre will be a test bed for collaborative technologies.

He said: 'We are working with companies to test the latest software and hardware, and if it works well here, we plan to extend these technologies to the Kent Ridge campus.'

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