Video conferencing enables Temple University-NUS SAGE Certification Programme Lectures

  • PR5302 and PR5303 conducted via video conference
  • Programmes part of Temple University-NUS SAGE Certification Programme and MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology)
  • Inaugural live lecture conducted on Sat 17 Jan 2009
  • "The video conference lectures have been amazing."

Two modules are blazing a new trail in Distance Learning at NUS.

PR5302 Drug Development Process and PR5303 Good Regulatory Practices, part of the Temple University-NUS SaGE Certification Programme, are being conducted in Singapore with faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. SAGE (Singapore Academy of GxP* Excellence) and Temple University established this collaboration in November 2008.

The modules, among essential courses leading to a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, are a blend of live lectures and tutorials as well as recorded lectures with online discussions. This is ideal as students taking these courses are busy working adults.

The Centre for Instructional Technology was on hand to provide support at the inaugural live lecture of PR5303 Good Regulatory Practices, which was held on Saturday 17 January 2009.

Dr Karen R Zimm, from Temple University, gave the lecture from Temple University while students from PR5303 were located at the CIT Auditorium in NUS.

Several other live lectures have been conducted and are scheduled for both modules during the current semester.

Koo Siang-Chueng has attended several video conference lecturers as part of the programme. Koo states, "The video conference lectures have been amazing. I am impressed with the state-of-the-art technology and how NUS leveraged on technology to facilitate global learning. The quality of the sound and video images of the video conference lectures were excellent and it really felt like the lecturers were right in front of the class."

Small but useful touches have also caught Koo's attention, "Smart features like the video zooming in on students who press the button to ask a question are impressive too. The IVLE platform is user-friendly and enables students to review a lecture again or for those who miss the lecture to catch up at home. This helps working students who may miss classes because of work commitments. CIT technical support has been flawless and I know that I can always depend on them to ensure that the system performs its functions!"

By facilitating PR5302 and PR5303, CIT helps NUS to stay at the forefront of high quality distance education.

* GxP is a term for quality assuarance in the pharmaceutical industry.

pills, thrills and bellyaches! photo by ion-bogdan dumitrescu,
reproduced under a Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0 licence.

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