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With the launch of LumiNUS and the growth of other Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) services, we have restructured our support channels.

Current support channels

We have various service desks for our services. These will continue to be the fastest way to get help for services that CIT manages (NUSNET login required):

If you wish to email, please contact NUS IT Care will route issues to CIT. We will handle these via the respective service desk. You may also call NUS IT Care at 6516 2080.

Removed support channels

citivle (IVLE Web Master) and cithelp (CIT Help) email addresses will not be used for creating support requests. IVLE Web Master is a legacy email address which will now be used for outbound emails and administering several external services.

IVLE Staff Help and IVLE Student Help Desks have been removed now that IVLE is in staff-only mode.

You may use one of the current support channels listed above instead.

Read more about our support channel changes and the benefits of service desks.

UNLEASH participants visit CIT

UNLEASH participants visit CIT

CIT hosted about 40 UNLEASH participants who are in Singapore for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab from May 30th to June 6th 2018.

UNLEASH is a global innovation lab, convening 1,000 carefully selected millennial thought leaders from more than 100 countries, who will collaborate on ideas and solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Singapore is the official host of UNLEASH 2018. Visit the UNLEASH Innovation Lab website for more information on the programme.

CIT News - April 2018

LumiNUS & You

It is just a few weeks until the end of semester.

The LumiNUS team has been busy readying LumiNUS for the Beta launch in time for AY18/19.

When the Beta launches, academic staff will have a few decisions to make.

As announced previously, LumiNUS beta and IVLE will run concurrently during AY18/19. The two learning management systems are entirely separate, so it is likely that students and staff will have to engage with both LumiNUS and IVLE in the next academic year.

Despite the inconveniences and possible confusion, we thought it would be best to create a bedding-in period for LumiNUS.

Academic staff will have to decide if they want to use LumiNUS or IVLE for their modules for the coming two semesters. There are several factors that you will need to take into account when choosing a platform for each module. For example, your level of comfort with technology, your tolerance for bugs, class size, among others.

Two groups of academic staff will have additional decisions to make:

  • Web Lecture (webcast) users, and
  • Academic staff co-teaching modules.

New web Lectures (webcasts) will only be available in LumiNUS. If you record a new Web Lecture, your web lectures will be in LumiNUS. This is because we are moving to a new web lecture system in AY18/19. The system has only been integrated with LumiNUS. If you reuse an existing web lecture (recorded prior to AY18/19), they will be only in IVLE.

Academic staff who co-teach modules will have to decide collectively about which platform to use. We encourage you to choose either IVLE or LumiNUS rather than splitting the module between two platforms. (Recall that IVLE and LumiNUS are not connected.)

You may want to sign up for access to the Alpha. You can also read on and sign up for the LumiNUS online information sessions.

LumiNUS online information sessions

This month, we will begin fortnightly webinars to introduce LumiNUS to the NUS community.

The sessions for April will be held on:

  • Tuesday 10 April 2018 at 12 noon
  • Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 12 noon

During the information sessions, you will find out our plans for LumiNUS and IVLE and learn more about the new and improved features in LumiNUS.

Further information

You can find more details about and explore what's new in LumiNUS. These pages will be updated as new information becomes available.

Centre for Instructional Technology

LumiNUS Alpha is here

NUS students and staff are familiar with IVLE, which has been a part of campus life since 1999. Soon, this will change. A new learning management system (LMS), LumiNUS, will be launched.

Over the course of the next two years, LumiNUS will become the place for teaching and learning online in NUS. This will be a significant change for the entire campus community. As such, CIT has phased the LumiNUS rollout over several semesters.

Why a new LMS?

IVLE has been indispensable to thousands of students and staff over the years, but it has grown long in the tooth. To support teaching and learning effectively, CIT has had to redesign the LMS from the ground up. Unlike previous IVLE upgrades and refreshes, this one is a clean break from the past.

Why LumiNUS?

While the tools look familiar, LumiNUS is significantly different from IVLE. This necessitated a new name. LumiNUS alludes to luminous, which is defined as giving off light, or bright and shining. We hope that LumiNUS helps to light students' educational path in NUS.


  • AY 17/18 S2: LumiNUS Alpha.
  • AY 18/19: LumiNUS Beta, IVLE runs concurrently.
  • AY 19/20: LumiNUS, IVLE becomes read-only.
  • Date to be determined: IVLE taken offline.

What to expect?

Currently, LumiNUS is in closed Alpha. This is meant as a preview of what to expect once LumiNUS becomes available. The Alpha is limited to staff and students who have signed up. It is not meant for actual teaching and learning use. There may be a second Alpha phase, which will expand access to the wider NUS community.

In the coming months, you can expect face-to-face and online seminars which will introduce you to LumiNUS. Monthly updates will go deeper into some of the new and improved features in LumiNUS. We are also working on a series of workshops.

When LumiNUS launches in Beta, before AY 18/19, academic staff will have to choose whether to use IVLE for a while longer or to switch immediately to LumiNUS. In the coming months, we will provide more details so that you can make an informed choice. Barring unforeseen circumstances, everyone will be on board LumiNUS before the start of AY 19/20.

Further information

You can find more details about and explore what's new in LumiNUS. These pages will be updated as new information becomes available.

You can also sign up as an Alpha user.

Centre for Instructional Technology

Designing Blended Learning Environments that Engage Students

CIT is collaborating with the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) for a second run of its blended learning course - Designing Blended Learning Environments that Engage Students.

Six session are planned between 28 Sep to 16 Nov.

The course aims to enable participants to:

  • adopt an evidence-based approach towards designing and developing a module for blended learning.
  • identify appropriate educational technologies to be adopted for the module.
  • design and develop appropriate learning resources and learning activities for online sessions.
  • design and develop appropriate learning activities and tasks for face-to-face sessions.
  • reflect upon their experiences while participating as learners in the course.

Find out more here.

Register for the course today!