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The Wayne State University Teaching and Learning blog highlights Citeline which

... is designed to display bibliographic data on timelines and as a faceted collection that can be sorted and filtered within one online view.

This tool from MIT, helps you to manage your list of published works. I haven't tried it out, but it looks very blog-like. I suspect the interface would be similar to a blog post interface, with appropriate fields for the required information - author(s), article/paper title, title of journal/publication, abstract, etc.
The biggest advantage is the dynamic display. Instead of getting a regular publication list, your publications can be viewed in different ways e.g. by type, date, publication etc.

Another tool for managing bibliographic information (and a whole lot more) is Zotero. This Firefox extension helps you to "collect, manage and cite your research sources". You can save sites, collect bibliographic information and create local copies which can be annotated and highlighted. That's just skimming the surface.

I know of someone in the Department of History who uses Zotero... perhaps I should get her to review it. 😉

And speaking of Firefox... the browser war is going to hot up as Google jumps into the fray with Google Chrome, apparently to be released tomorrow.