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The University of Queensland hosted the 2022 Asia-Pacific Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT). Doctoral students from Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, North-East Asia and South-East Asia took part in the competition. Contestants were required to present a 3-minute thesis in a video format with only one PowerPoint slide to showcase their research communication skills.

CIT was approached in May 2022 by Professor Rafi Rashid to provide videography and editing services for 3 contestants. 3MT’S specifications were abided during the production period of the videos. For a high quality resolution, Sony PMW-500 camera was used to film the contestants along with Sennheiser EW G4 Wireless microphones for clear audio output. Students filmed at CIT studio, against a green screen. The background colour was changed to white in post-production to seamlessly blend with the PowerPoint slides.

CIT team is proud to have produced videos for Wharton Chan’s “Lab-on-a-Chip? Sounds Amazing!” and Philippe Vachon’s “Stopping Inflammation: a BAT Angle”, both of which won the Top 2 Prizes in SG 3MT National Competition against students from NTU and SMU.

Out of the two winners, Philippe Vachon qualified to the grand finals of 3MT. He was the only Asian amongst the 9 Asia Pacific finalists who were selected out of the 57 contestants from around the world. CIT also proudly produced Devyani Pande’s “Governance of Autonomous Systems” for the National round.

“When I approached CIT around May for the competition, they accommodated to all my requests efficiently! The team made the studio available right away, upon my request. They even ensured that all the filming specifications of 3MT’s were met when I emailed the details a day before the filming date! Upon viewing all other submissions from different countries for 3MT, I must say that NUS’s videos produced by CIT were the best in terms of production quality. My experience working with CIT from start to finish was a very good one! I hope to collaborate with CIT for all other future competitions and beyond.”

Professor Rafi Rashid
Integrative Sciences & Engineering Programme,
National University of Singapore

Click on the link to view the entry of Finalist, Philippe Vachon:

The National University of Singapore and the University of Paris are pleased to introduce their new MOOC on city governance: Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia.

This massive open online course introduces key issues facing European and Asian cities to govern their diversity.  It explores a range of urban experiences, such as global cities that have become magnets of multiple types of migrations; cities that have welcomed large numbers refugees; cities that have mobilized diversity as an asset for regeneration in a context of economic decline; cities that have been confronted with the issues of racism, xenophobia, inter-ethnic tensions, and  refugee inflows; cities that have developed successful initiatives to create convivial urban spaces and foster interactions among populations of different backgrounds.

This course introduces the different facets of urban diversity and the challenges it represents for contemporary cities. It provides tools to compare the governance of diversity in different European and Asian cities. It looks at the role of different levels of public institutions, private actors and civil society in the management of diverse cities. It analyzes the resources and opportunities that diversity represents for cities and explores initiatives to celebrate diversity, and make it contribute to lively neighbourhoods and urban development.

Please join us today to learn more on this fascinating topic of diversity governance in European and Asian cities !


A 3 days hybrid-mode International Conference (Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia) organized and hosted by the Asia Research Institute was held from 9th to 11th May 2022. This International Conference had 6 discussion panels spread over the 3 days with a total of 17 presenters with 9 presenting online and 8 presenting on-site. A total of 180 online participants and 62 In-person participants attended this International Conference.
CIT’s IT Share Services Team (ITSS) provided technical and logistics support to ensure a very successful, effective and immersive conference was conducted.

Dear Henry

“I believe my workshop is the first which worked on a hybrid mode. In such instances the challenge is either to cater to the zoom audience or the in person audience.
ARI’s setup managed to cater to both primarily because of a person managed zoom camera which allowed those in the room asking questions to be captured and shown in the zoom mode. When this feature is not present zoom audiences may hear the question but they do not see the person. This feature in my opinion made the difference because it allowed the zoom audience to see.
As always the events team is very efficient moving between the zoom questions and those in the room.
The organizers did a brilliant job and one of the Paris participants said this was one of the best organized event he has been to.”

Assoc Prof Kong Chong Ho
Yale-NUS College & Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore

For an effective and immersive conference, CIT’s ITSS team deployed a 3 camera approach to provide sufficient video coverage of presenters, moderators and audiences who were live on-site and to the virtual viewers in real time. With adjustments and additional equipment, the team addressed some of the common issues faced when conducting hybrid events such as presenter is inaccessible to the microphone, no video coverage of on-site participants and video is not panning to the person asking questions during Q&A discussion. More information on the equipment layout is shown in the diagram below.

For more information on how CIT ITSS team managed the technical and logistic support for this event, please contact Mr. Henry Kwan (henrykwan@nus.edu.sg)

Here are more photos taken during the event:

The 2nd Annual geNiUS Competition is back!

Please submit your entries for the geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbook Competition 2022 by 9 September 2022 and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

The aim of the competition is to promote the creation of digital resources to share knowledge, learning and teaching practices, student experiences, distinctive journeys, other unique experiences of university life, and remarkable stories of NUS students and graduates with the NUS community.  You are invited to create one or more videos and/or interactive eBook using Microsoft Sway on a topic in any of the listed categories.

What to create?

Please visit https://geniuschannel.nus.edu.sg/ for examples of videos and Sway eBooks to give you some inspiration and ideas. You just need simple equipment like your smartphone or tablet to film your video. An interactive eBook can be created using Microsoft Sway which is an easy way to present information on a topic and embed media-rich information such as multiple videos and images in an eye-catching way with minimal prior knowledge of content design.

Where to submit your entry for geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbook Competition?

CLICK HERE to participate in the competition.

For more information on the competition, kindly refer to https://geniusworld.nus.edu.sg/competition2022/.

For enquiries, please email citbox85@nus.edu.sg.