What’s New

geNiUSworld is for staff and students to share educational and informative materials that they have created with the NUS community. The aim is to promote community outreach and professional peer learning. Hence, there's something for everyone! Teaching staff can include any of these resources into their modules on LumiNUS, and students can share their learning with their peers. This resource sharing system comprises 3 sharing platforms: geNiUSchannel, geNiUSbooks, geNiUSjourney.

In celebration of the launch of the NUS geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks, NUS is announcing a competition to encourage all NUS staff and students to create and use educational or informative video vignettes and interactive books.

What are geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks?

  • geNiUSbooks are web-based interactive books, created and published on Microsoft SWAY. These interactive books can incorporate multimedia such as text, images, videos, 3D objects, hyperlinks etc. geNiUSbooks may be created by NUS staff, students and permitted users for others in NUS to use, annotate and modify; or may be created by students for note taking or sharing purposes.
  • geNiUSchannel is a video sharing portal to share educational or informative video vignettes. The channel is organized by faculties/schools, administrative units, disciplines, subjects and staff members. Videos can be scaffolded and linked, to allow knowledge to be shared in the form of interactive e-books.

Please visit our competition website to find out more: