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With the launch of LumiNUS and the growth of other Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) services, we have restructured our support channels.

Current support channels

We have various service desks for our services. These will continue to be the fastest way to get help for services that CIT manages (NUSNET login required):

If you wish to email, please contact itcare@nus.edu.sg. NUS IT Care will route issues to CIT. We will handle these via the respective service desk. You may also call NUS IT Care at 6516 2080.

Removed support channels

citivle (IVLE Web Master) and cithelp (CIT Help) email addresses will not be used for creating support requests. IVLE Web Master is a legacy email address which will now be used for outbound emails and administering several external services.

IVLE Staff Help and IVLE Student Help Desks have been removed now that IVLE is in staff-only mode.

You may use one of the current support channels listed above instead.

Read more about our support channel changes and the benefits of service desks.